I just want to start this recap off by saying man. I really miss season two. Slade Wilson come baaaaack. Come baaaaaaaack!

Another day another murder that needs solving in Star City. Oh, we’re still on the hunt for Sara’s killer but someone has been going around merkin mobsters and leaving “guilty” written in the victim’s blood as their calling card. Ollie is fed up with Roy’s head being in another place so he puts his ass to the bench again. We came to find out Roy been having dreams of murdering Sara. Felicity takes a blood sample to see if there was anymore of that mirakuru molly water in his system. There isn’t, however, its possible he could have relapsed, and his height matches up with the angle the arrows were thrown also with the force of which they were shot… lets just say it ain’t looking good for Roy.

Meanwhile we see Ted Grant the Golden Gloves Gawd training Laurel hit’em up style.
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They take a break and Ted comes back to a dead body hanging in his gym and Ollie holding him at bow point. Laurel vouches for Ted’s whereabouts but Ollie ain’t trusting him. After some Dawson’s creek moments of “OMG Laurel how can you be training with this guy. He is a killer. You don’t know him. OMG”. We see Grant go in to answer some questions with the police. The victims have been beaten up similarly to guys that were roughed up a few years back by a southpaw. Go figure whose a southpaw… that’s right Ted.

Later, Roy comes clean to Ollie about the dreams and about him being the one to kill Sara. Ollie got the whoooooooo what the fuck face. Laurel is there, as well hearing this shit like “Naaaaaaah b”. Tell me why Roy apologized to Sara like he ate her Big Mac she was saving tho? Roy leaves. Then Diggle gives Ollie that, “Everybody gets justice. Can’t let anyone slide because they were our friend… you may have to cut that boy there loose”.

Ollie tails Ted to a safe house and of course the fight ensues and Ted gets all up in Ollie’s face with some TJ Combo Killer instinct combinations. At this point Ollie said, Oh they want the old me to come back? Okay” and finished Ted off with the Forward, Down-Forward + PP special we been waiting for since season 1.


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Ted takes the hit and is like, “Well I’m not going to keep fighting due to embarrassment of what just happened”. Come to find out that Ted Grant use to be a vigilante. It was 5 years ago. Ollie had to resist the urge of hitting Ted with the Eminem bar, “I’m what you use to be, you was me in ’93”. Ted believes he is being set up and knows where the mystery dude will strike next. They meet up with Laurel where Ollie tries to give Laurel the “He’s a killer speech” again, like he ain’t got bodies on top of bodies when he hit the scene. Dude Grant killed was an accident at least. Ollie was out there merkin on purpose. Ollie’s double standard having ass man.

They arrive at the place and see Ted and Ollie getting bucked on. Mystery man taunts Ted talking bout how he abandoned him and this is revenge. The cops show up and take Ted for another murder he ain’t do and we find out in a sit down with Laurel that he use to have a side kick. The death on Ted’s hands thats been haunting him from years ago where he beat a man to death (self defense) was actually by the side kick that killed the man on a routine bust. Ted took the heat but the side kick who had been on some Jason Todd shit, Ted cut him loose. This is him getting his retribution. Upon exiting the police station with Ted they both get ambushed by the ex sidekick at gun point.

Laurel is being held at gunpoint and forced to drive. While the ex sidekick (his name don’t matter trust me) is talking that shit on Ted. Ollie shows up with Diggle. Ollie is getting shot at, Roy shows up for the save like a G and Laurel decides to juke homeboy out the whip and proceeds to crash. Ollie tends to Laurel and we get the sidekick showdown. First off you know our boy Roy had to hit us with his usual most unnecessary parkour motion to disarm an attacker move of the week.

Roy Harper is Eddie Gordo now

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Let’s also not forget the classic Roy Harper unnecessary moves thus far tho.
roy 1

fuck the guy attacking us this wall is the real threat

Roy took homeboy to the wood house and told Ollie, “Hey, don’t give up on me bruh”. In the aftermath we see Ollie tell Ted Grant he shouldn’t haven given up on his sidekick. Laurel still goes to Ted for training as well reiterating the same statement. Ted Grant is back in the game folks. We then see Ollie do a memory technique with Roy that shows he wasn’t remembering Sara’s death but the cop he killed while under mirakuru back in season two. Roy still feels horrible and goes out for a breather.

Well we still dunno who killed Sara but we get introduced to a knew archer. She takes out Ted Grant’s ex sidekick (including the two cops escorting him just doing their job). When asked who she is, she replies with….

"I'm Cupid, stupid"
“I’m Cupid, stupid”

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….Yea? and I am done. I…ooooooooooh, I am so done.


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