Batman: Last Knight on Earth Book #2 Review

Batman: Last Knight on Earth Book 2 Cover

Writer: Scott Snyder / Artist: Greg Capullo / DC

The chaos continues in the second book of Batman: Last Knight on Earth. Young Batman will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of what happened. I mean, just look at the man traversing dunes in the middle of the desert with the severed head of The Joker as his only companion. Book 2 adds a bevy of context to the mad, twisted world that Bruce has stepped into, while new questions involuntarily pile up with the turn of each page. Luckily, Snyder ends this one with a bang and drops one of the biggest reveals that fans have been debating and clamoring about.

We pick right back up in the desert, with the clown prince being absolutely hysterical by repeatedly asking Bats if he can be Robin. Their entire interaction has been bizarre and amazing, and I tip my hat to Snyder for having the gall to write this Joker into his script. Being such a seasoned Batman writer, I expected Scott Snyder to incorporate as many characters and villains from the DC universe, but it has been quite impressive to see how far he is willing to go to pay homage to so many past greats.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #2 Inside

Last issue, we received just a taste of these Speed Force storms that threaten Bruce and body-less Joker. Greg Capullo gets the chance to take these storms to the next level, and it is a wonder to behold. The ode to Amanda Waller is another standout. What I was hoping for was not what readers received, but when you’re blessed with Snyder’s take on haunted tanks, you’re bound for glory. The artistic duo did a great job paying homage to the infamous Superman and Lex rivalry, and seemed to do so with ease. It looks like Capullo is really enjoying the unshackled freedom that comes with such a well done, yet completely insane Batman story.

Speaking of Batman, our boy is dealing with a lot. His nightmares are of the most chilling variety, and his conscience mind is always at war with this idea that he has caused this future that he inevitably inherited and has to rescue. I have a feeling the nightmares will come back around and mean a lot more. Love the allies that Bruce makes. Love the final page reveal. Omega is shaping up to be a serious force to be reckoned with, and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for the world. Capullo’s incredible design gives the villain this menacing feel that feels right. Another stellar issue by him and Scott Snyder. Batman: Last Knight on Earth keeps the high quality, jaw dropping panels coming.

9 False Supermen out of 10

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