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[dropcap1]D[/dropcap1]isney is is like your favorite rapper in their prime at this point. They might drop that one single you don’t agree with but 9 times outta ten they giving you that album you love man. Big Hero 6 is no different. The story focuses on child prodigy Hiro who is a straight genius (and gunning for Amadeous Cho & Tony Stark’s spot) enjoying the spoils of his intellect through bot fighting. The bots he builds are good but Tadashi his older brother wants him to be better. Tadashi takes Hiro on am impromptu visit to his college’s “Nerd Lab” (as Hiro calls it). It is here we are introduced to the other characters (as well as their personality types) Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go-Go, and Fred (who grants the nicknames). Each an inventor in their own regard (sans Fred who is an avid science enthusiast).

We then see Tadashi’s invention, an upbeat adorable healthcare provider named Baymax.

Hiro is impressed with the schematics of Baymax as well as his function. Upon meeting Robert Callaghan (famous inventor) who teaches at the lab as well, Hiro is sold on attending this colllege. Hiro’s chance comes during the annual showcase. The best feature gets you a safe passage into the program. With Tadashi’s help Hiro creates something that has never before been seen or done. Hiro’s feature is so impressive that tycoon Alistar Krei wants to buy it off him on the spot. Tadashi couldn’t be prouder of his brother at this point. He has done their aunt proud as well as his older brother. It is here where things take the turn for the ill fated through the sudden loss of Tadashi’s life.

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The heart of Big Hero 6 is really a story about having to deal with loss. We see Hiro having to adjust to certain changes in his life which Baymax unexpectedly becomes the guide for. Tadashi built Baymax to respond to physical injuries, Baymax however noting that Hiro is suffering through emotional issues, then downloads the proper protocols in order to help his patient. Baymax is the reminder of Tadashi that Hiro starts to open up to and we see Baymax goes through great lengths to protect Hiro.
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When it is discovered that Hiro’s invention is still being used and that the villain may be the cause of Tadashi’s death. The movie becomes a full throttle tale of a teen having to determine what he wants, answers or revenge? Justice or retribution?. Tadashi’s cohorts quickly become part of the plan to help Hiro take down whoever this masked villain is.

Say hello to the not so nice guy that is up to bad things

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Big Hero 6 plays on the strings of the heart and the movie is a story line for the 5 steps in dealing with loss. Loss plays a big roll in this movie as well. I was particularly fond of watching this (there were other adults in the theater so it totally wasn’t weird for me like with Kung-Fu Panda). I liked all the characters, this was also a movie where the majority of the cast are all people of color on screen and voiced by them off-screen as well. Big Hero 6 is truly enjoyable. It is a big credit to the studios that worked on this as it was commented that although Baymax has no distinct facial without a mouth and just the two eyes, none of that matters because you melt for this guy as soon as he appears on screen. The same can be said for the story as well as the conclusion.

Disney does it again folks. As if there was a doubt.
*fist bump* “blalal-lala-la” (you’ll get it when you see the film).
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