Writer: Ivan Brandon, Jason Latour / Artist: Greg Hinkle / Image Comics

Zelda has returned to the world from which she came and it’s not pretty: shit is bleak. Todd, the Senator’s son that she was tasked (and paid) with hiding away in the real world, is wrecking havoc in this other realm, this other place. He is perhaps the biggest physical manifestation of her powers and what she has done. She is the prodigal daughter and this is her homecoming and she isn’t exactly welcomed. Zelda is, a complex character that you can’t help but be drawn to with all her flaws and all. We’ve talked about world building before with this series and Zelda is not only a world builder but a destroyer. She’s been a head of a revolution and a deserter all in the same breathe. Whenever she’s on a page she’s fascinating to watch, she’s unpredictable. She’s a force to be reckoned with.


One consistent thing that Jordan, my fellow comic book reviewer for Black Cloud and I can agree on is that while we don’t really know what’s always going on in this book, it is awfully pretty. As in aesthetically pleasing. As in we LOVE the look of this book. It’s gorgeous and that can not be understated. Black Cloud is a fascinating read that, ultimately will read better collected in trade. I’m still hoping to have more weight to this book, something to hold me when I finish another issue and set it down. There still needs to be more connective tissue to hold readers attention plot wise while delivering the action.

7.8 out of 10

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