Black Science #29 Review

Writer: Rick Remender / Artist: Mateo Scalera / Image Comics

Maaaaaan, Grant McKay if you don’t come the hell through, fam! Black Science BAAAACK. Okay, you all know I love this book, especially when it’s in this mode: Break-neck, kinetic energy with a genius IQ. Well, the chickens have come home to roost for Kadir. After taking credit for all of the homie’s work, now that Tokyo lookin’ like ground zero for interdimensional take over, Kadir can’t wait to give that shit back to Grant.

But Grant got his own problems as the parasites got plans for him too. What this book does so, well, consistently, is mix the action with the exploratory in a remarkably efficient way. We get a surprise from an old friend that is trying to help Grant reach his objective, but it’s all underscored by a great chase scene that last almost the entirety of the book.


Also, per usual, the book looks great. Somehow Scalera maintains a frantic and whiplash state of movement but still keeps them really clean and easy to follow what the action is and how it’s unfolding. Just a gorgeous looking issue in an always gorgeous looking book.

Black Science is back for the ‘17 fam and it’s like this book never left. Great action, great and agile writing. This book is always one of the best on the shelves for as long as it’s running.

9.4 Parasites in the Streets out of 10

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