Odyssey of the Amazons #4 Review

Writer: Kevin Grevioux / Artist: Ryan Benjamin / DC Comics

Let that Bone Thugs n Harmony bang out, man. Hessia wakes up on the other side of life up in the Norse which happens to be Valhalla. Where she is in shock her sisters in arms have already grown accustom to the poet mortem culture where all the great warriors of norse mythology get the vip treatment of battle. Valhalla is a basically gladiator 24/7 where you can Battle to your heart’s content.

We get the DC version of Odin and Thor (which is a first for me). While Hessia needs time to adjust with whats happened and later gaining the respect as the first women in Valhalla [Valkyries are different apparently] she still wants to get back home. In death we see her reconcile with Narkissa who was always critical of her rule as well as learn how Valkyries are sisters of Amazons. Thanks to hindsight They both comment on their pride and how it lead things to escalation.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 7.39.47 AM

The world building behind why so many women of Amazon abilities are spread through so a many different countries and cultures is explained in a dope expansion of Amazon’s mythos. We also get a preview to Wonder Woman as the ambassador for the Amazons.

Ryan Benjamin again keeps the art work looking incredible and straight out of an episode of Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules or Lucy Lawless’ Xena if you’re nasty. The Amazons journey is bright and the worlds they’ve visited continue to look vast and majestic.

9.1 Realizations That Matriarchs Run the Universe out of 10

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