Black Widow #4 Review

Writer: Mark Waid, Chris Samnee / Artist: Chris Samnee / Marvel Comics

I feel like it should be safe to say that Black Widow’s series is Marvel’s version of Making a Murderer. Except Natasha’s a killer, not a murderer (she’s stated the difference). This series continues to be my shit man. Folk gotta understand that Black Widow’s origins didn’t REALLY get that deeply looked at in the past. She’s a spy, ex-KGB, a defector, great at espionage. Now that Waid and Samnee are on Widow we get to see how Natasha got to be the way she is via the concentration on her up bringing in the Red Room.

Nat was saved by an old friend from the Red Room and now she gets the low down on its new incarnation. We learn more of how quick Widow is at adapting to circumstances as well as her attitude and demeanor as a child agent in her Red Room days. The best parts of this book aren’t only in the dialogue but in the action. Not because it’s moving the plot along and not because of the way that Samnee navigates Natasha through obstacles. But because it’s incredible how the dialogue speaks through Natasha’s movements. The way she owns her environment, how she moves quickly from killing or incapacitating one person and then the next like a well-oiled machine that’s got a suped-up engine.


Natasha is truly the best at what she does but we’re seeing that she may become second string to the title of Espionage champion. It’s interesting the way we’re getting new lore with new villains from Natasha’s background. We’ve yet to see what Weeping Lion is made of and we’re still getting people as obstacles from Nat’s past. These are people that are going to manifest down the line in the series as boss battles for Natasha as well. This creative team delivers yet again and it’s really no surprise. I got total trust in Waid and Samnee giving Natasha the treatment she should have gotten in her own movie years ago.

9.3 Store Brand Folgers in Your Cup 10

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