BNP At Home Recommends: ‘Runaways (2003)’

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan / Artist: Adrian Alphona / Marvel Comics

Brian K. Vaughan shot his shot at Marvel history back in 2003 and created legacy characters that will live on for years to come. All it took was 6 teens, 12 evil parents, and one genetically modified dinosaur to shake up the scene and now the work of Vaughan and Adrian Alphona has spawned a very good new Runaways comic series by Rainbow Rowell and a full blown Hulu series that started off incredibly well and overall, did a pretty good job of bringing the beloved group of Runaways to life. Created back in 2003 when comics were in a bit of a rut, Vaughan cooked up this idea for the young heroes bucks to live in LA instead of the over utilized east coast city that never sleeps. Then he had the audacity to say screw a typical villain, let’s see what would happen if kids had to do battle with their parents and deal with the ramifications of losing those you trust most. It was one hell of a concept that you should dive into if you have some time to take down the first volume of 18 issues.

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