Captain Marvel #12 Review

writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick / artist: David Lopez / Marvel Comics

After a couple of Carol short stories, Captain Marvel moves back into a longer arc, starting with the kidnapping of Tic and the cat Flerkin. I’m hoping that if the Flerkin really is some big powerful weapon capable of grave consequences that we get some “Rocket was Right” t-shirts out of it. Coming back from a crazy Christmas in New York adventure, Carol finds her ship, Harrison trashed, half functioning and completely abandoned. The strength of this issue is how balanced it is between the action, exposition and humor. Carol is simultaneously trying to get her ship back in working order, make sure it recognizes her sarcasm and find her missing friends. Also, as I hoped some characters come back into the fold from the first arc and I hope we get more of them because of how enjoyable they were in their introduction.

When it comes to the art, I’m really becoming protective of Lopez doing the pencils for this book. He’s SO good. His characterizations of Carol always shine, but he does some good things with the busier moments of the book as well. It’s always clean, yet bombastic and exciting. I think he really ensures this book reaches its lofty potential.

Carol is back in space, with a new arc and starts off wonderfully. We get a little more expansion of the world she’s dealing with while also being grounded by familiar faces.

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