Captain Marvel #13 Review

writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick / artist: David Lopez / Marvel Comics

If you know who Captain Marvel is, then you already know that she is a complete badass. What’s been so cool about DeConnick’s run with the character, specifically this volume, is that it’s focused on the humanitarian side of Carol Danvers. The relationships with people around her have taken center stage in this book and that has become especially evident over the last 6 issues or so. This issue wraps up the “7 seconds before you die” mini arc which also seems like a fitting end for Tic’s arc as well.

Another very cool aspect of this two issue arc is that we got to see Carol be triumphant without actually using her superpowers. We got to see Carol the resourceful pilot as she works to survive the attack she’s under and also save her friend… and flerken/cat.

But what takes center stage? Harrison. Harrison all day. DeConnick pulls more personality out of the A.I. for Carol’s ship and the result is pretty entertaining and often hilarious. Having Harrison as a reliable conversationalist for Carol really does offset her isolation in space, away from Earth and her closest friends, during this run.

Ah, the regularly scheduled David Lopez appreciation part of my Captain Marvel review. Come on, LOOK AT IT. You don’t need me to break down why this looks so good. I often use (or overuse) the word “Balanced” when talking about this book, but he encompasses that in how he shows Carol the woman, the very human advocate and Carol the badass, aka Princess Sparkle Fist.

A good resolution for this particular story with a resourceful Carol, a humorous Wilson and Tic getting a fresh start. Just consistently, a really, well put together book.


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