writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick / artist: David Lopez / Marvel Comics

The Black Vortex has been a pretty good story thus far, surprising many that don’t expect much from an impromptu crossover event. This issue of Captain Marvel is a good solid standalone within the larger story, even if it’s a placeholder and doesn’t advance the plot of Black Vortex too much. It really serves to fill in the gap between larger and more complicit events, but it is at least Carol Danvers minding that gap. This is still a fun issue that doesn’t need too much background to be a coherent read. The writing, especially DeConnick’s use of monologue, is the strongest aspect of this issue. Carol’s instinct and wittiness is on full display in what is a pretty flattened-out narrative. Carol’s fetch quest gets a little complicated and she has to think on her feet instead of just breaking out the sparklefist, but it resolves how you would expect.

I’m always a fan of Lopez’s art on this book and he does so well in the wide open spaces when Carol is doing battle. The multiplicity battle with Mr. Knife is especially well done, with great work done by colorist Lee Loughridge.

This is a good standalone issue for both Captain Marvel and the Black Vortex storyline, even if nothing happens on a grand scale. It highlights the resourcefulness of Carol and kicks the can a little bit further down the road towards the conclusion of the crossover.


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