Captain Marvel #29

Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Jacopo Camagni / Marvel

Indiana Jones references, evil sorceress partnerships, and ancient treasure hunts all come together to make Captain Marvel #29. Kelly Thompson has been bringing us wild adventures on the superhero side of things and heartbreaking developments in Carol’s personal life. This book is a product of so many of the weaving storylines from the last dozen or so issues and makes for a really fun read.

I truly appreciate Thompson’s ability to pry open the genuine sides of our heroes and give us a peek at what’s going through their mind while they do what superheroes do. Themes like ethics and what actually counts as the lesser evil are on full display as Captain Marvel enlists the help of Enchantress to teach her magic, since every other magician laughed her out of their faces or took Doctor Strange’s advice to not teach her a lick of anything in the mystic arts.

Captain Marvel #29

Thompson’s pen really went hard during Captain Marvel’s initial conversation with the largely self-taught troublemaker. From Enchantress’ cold response to the woman who said, “I think resisting punching you into the sun is pretty civil” to Captain Marvel’s internal moral compass going haywire as she wrestles with the fact that she’s enlisting this villain to help kill her future son, t’was a well-done verbal sparring match that led to a deep sea adventure that I was all about!

I’m a fan of Jacopo Camagni’s artwork, in particular, when he gets to have some fun by creating an ancient Atlantean colosseum of wonders, magical mermen travel guides, and giant sea dragon keepers of the Heart of the Serpent. All in all, Captain Marvel #29 hits all the right notes and moves the plot of this arc forward in a good way.

8 Rivers of Underground Lava out of 10

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