Captain Marvel #5 Review

writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick / art: David Lopez

“They are a peaceful people, but I am a Woman of War.”

My favorite aspect of this specific Captain Marvel run is how balanced it is. DeConnick not only does a great job of balancing the emotional head-space of Carol and her progressions through when to be forceful versus diplomatic, but for the total plot as well. There needs to be such a delicate line navigating various plot threads and how far they should be removed from each other before converging and nothing feels removed or distanced in this story. The plots with Tick’s tendency to go off the reservation, J’Son’s power plays and the politics of the inhabitants on the planet all feel like they are given the proper amount of time while remaining vital to the storytelling.

This issue gives us the revelation of two plot threads in one neatly constructed reveal as Carol discovers that the mining of Vibranium is both the reason people are getting sick and why J’Son is so charged up to take the planet back from them. It’s very well done and also establishes Vibranium in mass quantities in the Marvel Universe again. I also like Carol’s maturation from earlier in this run when she wanted to protect the planet because she wanted to be seen as a hero, compared to the present situation where she’s invested in the people and is willing to lay down her life for them.

The revelation of Vibranium being present and the oncoming invasion from J’Son sets up the next big conflict. This issue moves so well to play table setter while still giving a fully fledged out issue that moves the plot forward as well. It’s not the best book on Marvel’s shelves right now, but its definitely worthy of your monthly read.


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