Captain Marvel #7 Review

writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick / artist: Marcio Takara

After pretty much wrapping up the first arc where Carol was part of a unified effort to turn back J’son’s invasion efforts upon the Nowlian people, this issues serves as a sort of bridge to her next conflict. Sort of. There is a threat presented about halfway through this issue, but its hard to focus on that. Not because it doesn’t seem imminent, but because everything else going on in the book is so damn funny. What a great chemistry between Rocket and Carol. Their conflict over the cat (or something…) takes a pretty weird and funny turn and further escalates the drama between the two. It manifests itself in many ways, including Rocket trying to profiteer from the …cat… including his rewiring Harrison (the ship A.I.) to speak Flerkin. There are parts of the book that are downright hilarious and it’s a welcome moment of levity for our hero heading into the next adventure.

The art in this book is good, but in my estimation, not as great as Lopez has been on this book previously. Takara style is a suitable substitute, but often the characterization of Danvers seems a little doe-eyed, which goes against the vulnerable yet tough as nails character that DeConnick has been scuplting.

Captain Marvel moves into its next storyline with an entertaining issue, primarily due to the chemistry between Carol and Rocket. Still one of Marvel’s most enjoyable books.


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