Batman: Future’s End #1 Review

For those of you who aren’t actively reading a lot of DC comics these days, New 52: Future’s End is their big ongoing event that ties into this month’s comics. Now, we here at Black Nerd Problems don’t review it mostly because we don’t buy it. And we don’t buy it because it’s stupid. However we do still try to stay abreast of the latest goings-on in the world of comics so we can keep you in the know. With that in mind, I will bestow upon you the “need to know” information about the book.

[quote_simple]1). It takes place five years in the future of the DC Universe.

2). Future Batman’s in it.

3). It’s goddamned awful[/quote_simple]

Everyone up to speed? Good. So, I wasn’t really assigned to do this review BUT it’s Batman and Scott Snyder (with the help of Ray Fawkes so I couldn’t really resist. So, five years in the future, Bruce Wayne is a man broken much like he was in The Dark Knight Rises. My sole gripe with this book is that it seems a little farfetched that someone like Batman would have his body ruined so thoroughly. There are football players and MMA fighters that don’t do that much damage to themselves in five years. Damn, Bruce….stop hitting the bad guys with your face. Anyway, Bats sets out on a mission to obtain an object that will ensure that he can continue his work of keeping Gotham from the edge. Of course, his mission doesn’t take long to go awry before he has a run in with an old foe. Snyder and Fawkes give us a fun, exciting story that, as a sidenote a little bit about how Batman and this particular foe are somewhat similar in their methodologies.

Ultimately, it’s a testament to the Dark Knight’s resolve in standing on the frontlines of good. Also, this book looks absolutely sublime. ACO’s pencils do a damn fine job of giving off a very gritty, industrial feel to the book which is appropriate for the narrative. The best looking aspect is unquestionably Batman’s future suit. I’ve seen some sweet looking versions of Batman’s suit in different incarnations of the future, but (excluding the Terry McGinnis model) this is probably the most awesome one I’ve seen in recent memory. The action beats are absolutely delightful to behold. The real skill to note is that with a color palette like the one ACO uses, it should be harder to follow the kind of action that goes on in this book. Instead, we get surprisingly clean panels that any reader could keep up with.

Bottom Line: This is an amazing fun adventure that could have easily ended up being silly. Scott Snyder and Ray Fawkes hit it out of the park this week. 9 out of 10.


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