Writers: Kelly Sue DeConnick & Kelly Thompson / Art: David Lopez / Marvel

When the tie-in books were being announced for Secret Wars, the aesthetics for this title immediately caught my attention. Being an unabashed fan of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Captain Marvel, it was given that just more of that would be something we covered. But this concept is a pretty damn cool one, one I’m sure many people wouldn’t mind seeing after the end of Secret Wars. In this newly forged Battleworld, Hala Fields is the site where Carol Danvers trains her elite group of women pilots. Come on, that just sounds damn cool. What is done well is developing the hierarchy and the respect for Captain Marvel from her pilots. And while this is a totally different world where everyone still bows down to Doom as their God, Carol is still Carol. She’s a hero first, an obedient soldier second, which comes into play when she is sent on a mission that doesn’t quite sound right.


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The only thing lacking in this first issue is that there isn’t a lot of variation between the pilots, outside of the Bee who has some serious questions about this “world” they live in. As the first issue needs a lot of room to setup the particular territory and the conflict, there will most likely be more room for that in following issues. This book is probably going to be at its best when it comes to character development.

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David Lopez is along for the ride again and the result is a gorgeous and familiar book. It’s nice sight to see his art paired with Captain Marvel again, but in a completely different scenario and new important characters involved.

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps is an exciting concept that seems to be one of the better Secret Wars tie-in books. With a stellar creative team and some new and exciting characters too, this is definitely a book to look forward to.


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