Captain Marvel Trailer: Becky With The Good Hands

  • Was I skeptical? Yes. Because those Entertainment Weekly ‘first looks’ had Carol Danvers looking like Captain ‘Can I Speak To Your Manager’.

    Then, Marvel did the thing they do best: anchor the fantastic in reality. Homegirl plowed into a Blockbuster Video face first from space! A Blockbuster Video! (@Blockbuster on Twitter is about to be trending for the next week and a half!)

    Young Nick Fury is in the building serving Die Hard 3 realness; while young Agent Coulson is taking his stanning for Captain America to new levels by looking like a Chris Evans body double.

    Young Agent Coulson in Captain Marvel

    We get the whole nine yards of Captain Marvel in the trailer! She’s shooting beams out her hands! Catching a flight through the cosmos! Being a badass Air Force pilot! Punching old ladies in the face (I’m certain she was a Skrull)!

    Speaking of, the Skrulls were definitely doing that memory thing to Carol that we saw in the comics preceding Illuminati and Secret Invasion. So get hyped. This movie is going to kick copious amounts of ass.

    Brie Larson is Captain Marvel
    A big worry going into this was whether we’d get the Captain Marvel we know and love. Clearly we get the headstrong and kickass Carol; plus an OP Captain Marvel alongside the Kree soldier Captain Marvel with the Star-lord helmet. What I firmly hope for is yet another side on top of that: Binary Captain Marvel (with the glowing eyes)!

    Again; I was skeptical, but Marvel put together one hell of a cohesive trailer for one of the most complex characters they’ve explored in the MCU to date. The ’90s are alive and well under the protection of Captain Marvel. All I know is she better bring that same ‘geriatric violence’ energy to Thanos!

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