Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review

Writer: Christos N. Cage / Artist: Travel Foreman Cover: Khary Randolph / Marvel Comics

Marvel’s Civil War II campaign asks both readers and everyone in the Marvel Universe a highly moral question there’s no clear answer to. If you know a crime is likely to occur, do you prevent it from ever happening? Or do you let things play out naturally and dole out the consequences after the damage has already been done? And, unless Tom Cruise is here to point out some corrupt conspiracy theory, it looks like we can’t lean on Minority Report as a past example.

Although he’s often the light-hearted jokester of any room he’s in, Spider-Man has long been the moral compass of the Marvel Universe as he’s not on either extreme and mostly resembles we fellow moderates in life. His involvement and allegiance in the first Civil War was highlighted for this very reason. It appears that we’ll explore his constant balancing act once again in Civil War II: American Spider-Man #1.

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In this issue, Spider-Man spends the day essentially taking Ulysses, a new Inhuman with the ability to see visions of future disasters, for a ride along. Spider-Man quickly sees the obvious benefits to having someone with Ulysses’ abilities around while questioning any potential flaws. He even goes as far as to find other uses for the fortunate foresight outside of crime fighting. But then things take a deeply personal turn when Ulysses has a vision involving someone Peter knows well from both sides of his double-life.

Christos N. Gage and Travel Foreman team up for this issue as a more than capable writer/artist combo. Gage made interesting decisions in this issue and excelled in displaying what makes Peter Parker just like all of us – with his suspicions and sarcasm – and what makes him so different – the crippling weight of his responsibilities. Foreman’s art made it convenient for the mind’s eye to picture the panels moving in live-action. This was my first time seeing his art and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

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Note: If people online weren’t already shipping Johnny Storm and Peter Parker – I won’t dare search it and find out for myself – they definitely are now after seeing the two in the same bedroom with no more than one pair of boxer briefs on between them.

8.7 out of 10

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