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As a huge Sailor Moon fan (read: religious fanatic) I couldn’t resist spotlighting the adorable New York cosplayer Mari-chan’s Princess Serenity for this month. This series was my (and probably thousands of other people’s) first introduction to anime, but more importantly allowed my imagination to thrive in a world where girls could be strong and courageous in battle while simultaneously struggling with the complexities of day to day life.

Mari-chan close up

What I love about this cosplay in particular is not just how flawlessly her gown, make up, and poise capture Princess Serenity’s elegance, but that she has gone one step beyond and given us a Serenity whose traditional odango bun hairstyle has been replaced with gorgeous afro puffs! I mean, how can you not geek out about hair that perfect? When asked to give us a little insight on her cosplay, Mari had this to say:

I really love cosplaying because of all the fun and effort put into it. I’ve always loved dressing up as a kid, so becoming my favorite anime character is even better. At first I used to think that my cosplays were for myself alone, but lately I’ve realized that it can be an inspiration for other people too. I’ve always been insecure about cosplaying certain characters (because of my skin tone) but now, after receiving so much love and support from Princess Serenity cosplay, I can say that it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Mari-chan rose

Perfection. I will hear nothing else. 


  • Lauren Bullock


    Lauren is a writer, performer, and reincarnated sailor senshi. She enjoys long walks in the woods and fighting crime as a costumed vigilante of many aliases.

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