Counterpart Recap: Both Sides Now

Season: 1 / Episode: 4 / Starz

***Spoilers be occurring on infinite timelines. Previous COUNTERPART recaps are here***

HIB taking out the trash (you know its Howard Prime cuz he walk like he has a spine) and this old white haired muthafucka takes a spill on the sidewalk. Like he on skates or some shit. HIB helps him up and pass him some intel. You know, that old school hand-off spy shit. The white haired dude takes that to a dead drop. Some other bastard picks it up. That shit run through about 17 folks worth of telephone until it makes it to the other side to a big dude with a dog emptying out an apartment. Including the nine mill he takes out of the desk.

Howard giving HIB his routine, so HIB can blend in. He also packing up his shit even though he’s walking into a fully lived in life on the other side. I mean, an empty ass apartment now, but you know, clothes and shit. Howard tells him about Andre, who he meets to play Go. HIB already wishing that car hit him instead of Emily cuz dud wants to kill himself over how boring Howard is. They decide to play cards to get to know each other and that shit might made things worse.

Baldwin and Clare roll up into the safehouse after the escape. Clare is like, yeah, I need to lay low, but Baldwin is like, bet…so where’s my gun?


Howard about to bounce to Earth Prime and HIB gotta remind him to leave the wedding ring. Cuz the Silk’s are anything but fucking married over there. Howard getting the escort from St Pete and he’s like, oh yeah, don’t shake hands over there cuz these dudes think everything is mad cow. He start making his way towards to the other side. Howard crossing over for the first time. This shit for real still look like the crypts of Winterfell. They built this shit 30 years ago, they could at least put up some plaster or some shit man.

Howard’s first introduction to interdimensional customs is watching a dude get taken to the woodshed over some cigarettes. If he had smuggled that shit into prison, he’d be a fucking hero. On Earth Prime though, he just a dude that probably won’t get out of central booking before the weekend is out. The connect Raash meets Howard when he clears and swoops him up.

Outbreak Prime

Maaaaaan, listen. Earth Prime out here looking like Contagion: 20 years later. This shit look like they probably selling personal bubbles up in the local Target. Ayebody out here in masks, but not ayebody out here in the healthcare profession field. Yikes.

Right as Howard about to get settled into his new digs, Raash straight up locks him in and bounces. That’s fucked up man. I guess HIB wasn’t worried about dude compromising shit if he can’t get out of the apartment for two weeks.

St. Pete realizing that they always seem to be fighting at a deficit, so he asks Housekeeping if its possible they got someone snitching from their own side. Aldrich is like, that’s preposterous…of course Aldrich hasn’t been right about one fucking thing since this show started, so I don’t know how serious you can take that.

HIB comes in for this first day of work in strategy and dude is like, yeah, this is Strategy…Payroll. LMAO, man, they tellin’ HIB jokes. The manager tries to hand HIB some hand drawn punch cards or some shit and HIB basically told him to fuck himself (in the only silent way one can do that).

Anna What…Anna Who?

Raash comes back with some groceries cuz we just simply imprisoning Howard, we ain’t trying to torture dude. Untillllll, someone start knocking at the door angrily talking about ‘Dad, I know you’re in there.’ Dad? What. In. All. Fucks. Man. Howard got no choice but to answer. She like, hurry up, mom’s in the hospital.

Look man, I can’t give Howard too much shit here. He’s got a young woman yelling at him that is the daughter he doesn’t really have, talking about seeing her mother who is the Emily that he was told is dead. I’d be a little fucked up too.

Diplomat Claude getting himself a massage when Clare roll in to give him the intel. She says that Baldwin wants to keep working and that she didn’t tell the pigs shit. DC like, yeah….but no. The other side is setting the plane in place earlier than they want to in case some shit been compromised. Also, they want Baldwin sent out to assassin pasture. Clare like she trusts me. DC is like, “which parts of you?” Yeah, that jig been up fam. DC like, why don’t you use that shit and get this over with.

Up in the hospital, Howard sees EPMD up in the hospital bed, so that must be some familiar shit. She wakes up to his touch and she’s like…um…what are you doing? Not much reunion time before Ian run up in there trying to take over the situation like it was a command center. Ian walks Howard out like, yeah, this shit be on you fam. Stay in your lane.

Meanwhile on Prime

Got Too Much 401K For This Shit

Speaking of lanes that should not be swerved from, HIB and St. Pete meet by the canal cuz HIB straight up walked off the new promotion. He been playing Howard for an hour and already he fucking up his career. St. Pete starts talking to him but is easily distracted because a living, breathing XX chromosome walked past. HIB is like, dude, are you not married to a director’s daughter. Like really?

Of course, cuz that shit been thrown back in St. Pete’s face since last episode, your boy wants to puff out his chest and talk about how good he is at his job. Nothing gets past him.
Record scratch.

All this Housekeeping and No New Linens

Turns out, E-Coma was working in Housekeeping, under Aldrich, working on a mole on their floor. But your boy St. Pete ain’t no shit about that. For real, I wouldn’t be confident on finding the syrup to pass to me at breakfast at this point. His division in shambles, yo. HIB says he ain’t going back to the office cuz he’s meeting an old friend. St Pete is like, look, we bout to act like we in some 90s comedy action film like we’re handcuffed together cuz I ain’t going nowhere. So where we headed?

Ian questioning EPMD in the hospital room and she telling him she was setup. Which…don’t matter. Cuz I guess Emily gotta habit of dipping into the pharmaceuticals and now with that history, she gotta be supervised and followed for a while. She tell Ian she got more shit to tell him, but can’t afford over the open channel and shit.

Anna feeling crushed cuz she really thought her ma dukes was getting better. Howard tries to apologize for not being there and Anna is like, who the fuck are you supposed to be. Howard probably getting cussed out more today than he has in years. Anna don’t realize that dude is actually motivated to keep this Emily, hell any fucking Emily, alive.

HIB and St. Pete go see his boy at the butcher shop. Former traveler now living his life on this Earth. HIB tells St. Pete to take a walk so he can catch up with his boy. They start talking about Pope and his contact got some shit going down. People getting moved over to this Earth and some big plan is going down. Ayebody in on it too.

Nice, Happy and Completely Dysfunctional

On Prime, Howard takes EPMD back home from the hospital and that shit look like his crib but really, really not. EPMD knew this was other Howard from jump now so she just trying to get information. Howard like, fam, I don’t know shit cuz the muthafucka don’t be telling me shit. Also, its hilarious how everyone be job shaming Howard. Started at the interface and now we’re here. EPMD bout to tell him to get his ass out cuz this shit is unusual, and then he’s like, oh, well hold my beer, cuz I also invited Anna over for dinner. Howard for real trying to break the space time continuum. When HIB come back over (if he ever comes back over) his shit gonna look completely different, yo. Howard gonna be like, look, I fixed your sociability for you.

Baldwin been locked up too and Clare comes back to check on her. Baldwin ain’t doing great man. She paranoid (justified) and thinks that Clare only cares about the mission and not about here (also, mostly true). Baldwin pounces on her and Clare pushes her away….but then probably realizes this is the best way to have Baldwin let her guard down, so she gets back to the real with her.

Howard Homemaker(wrecker)

And…it’s the Burton-Silk Inaugural dinner. This shit just weird all the way around. Apparently, these muthafuckas didn’t know that Howard could actual cook. They sitting here acting like high school sweethearts and shit and Anna is fed the fuck up. She like…so we not gonna talk about mom overdosing. Ok. OK.

Back on Other Earth, Clare set her fitbit silent alarm for the middle of the night. She wakes up, grabs her shit and takes Baldwin’s gun. She walk up out that muthafucka and pass dude in the hallway who getting the honor of murking out Baldwin. But…Baldwin. Is. A. Fucking. Killer. Yeah man, unarmed and about two articles of clothing on, she still out fought this bastard, took the knife off his belt and killed this dude. Clare need to stay off the streets cuz Baldwin is straight up on her “Omar Coming” shit.

Howard washing dishes after failed dinner. EPMD asks if Anna is like that on his side. And Howard very nicely tells her Anna never fucking lived, but thanks for asking. Howard is like, yeah, I know y’all might hate each other over here, but at least y’all can breathe without a machine so you’re lucky. EPMD is like…yeah, I wish my Howard came up like you cuz fuck that dude.

HIB talking to St. Pete and he tells him about the mole. St. “I don’t miss anything, ever” Pete is like how did I miss this?

Things are Not quite As Bad As They’ve Ever Been?

Howard up in EPMD’s spot still and now he sees why HIB went to go sleep in the storage room at his place on the other Earth. HIB sees the box marked Anna and its all the shit that never got used. And also the ultrasound that never grew up.

Sorry yo, I love this show but it got real fucking sad real quick didn’t it? Gotdamn. So, Howard sitting in Anna’s old room, looking at the art and shit, very well knowing what he never had. Shit is fucked up, yo.

Howard bout to leave in the morning, and EPMD catches him before he bounces. EPMD is like, yo, so we could do this spy shit together. Howard is like, yeah, I literally ain’t got shit else to do. Also, this show so well acted man. You can see from how oafish and awkward Howard, that EPMD really did love HIB at one point man. Shit is sweet and heartbreaking.

Howard walks out the crib and wakes up Raash still sitting on the stakeout. He’s like, yeah, so that whole staying locked up for a week, I’m gonna take a hard pass on that shit. Also, I need them keys in the event I ever have to come back to that apartment. Raash is shook like…man, they told me this muthafucka was timid…but I also know what’s he’s capable of cuz I’ve seen HIB in action so…here’s your keys fam. Howard takes that shit and strolls the fuck off. No mask, no hand sanitizer or anything.

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