The Current War Trailer: I’m Just Here To See Nikola Tesla Put Hands On Thomas Edison

I’ma tell you right now, this trailer is only built for folks who did science fairs projects. Y’all don’t hear me, I said: this trailer is for those that put together two 2-liter soda bottles and made a tornado. This trailer is for anyone that ever made a baking soda volcano. *grabs the microphone* This trailer is for any brown kid that re-assembled a digital clock in a pencil case from scrap, brought it to school to impress your teachers but got arrested cause another teacher thought it was a bomb. This trailer right here is scientific beef in the fucking scientific streets. I’ma let you know now I’m not even going to hide my bias against Edison here.

The Current War centers around the actual War of the Currents in the late 1800’s. There is a strong need for the distribution of electricity and Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) is plotting world domination to get that monopoly money by having Direct Current (DC) be the main electrical power transmission used for homes and business. DC provides lower powered electricity which is safe but has a short range. Edison got that shit tatt’d across the belly and is racing to have this be the way of the future, because whoever controls electricity will run the world. Enter George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) who is moving away from gas and breaking into electricity. Westinghouse is providing competition against Edison (where there was none prior). Westinghouse competes against Edison by repping Alternating Current (AC) (foreshadowing for a certain someone). A current that provides more power and has a wider range than DC. Yeah, this shit right here is the science version of The Wire.

I’m watching the trailer thinking, “I’m fucking with this. I’m with it”, right? I’ve been over the War of the Currents many times for research for very specific person of interest of this era. We’re seeing the major players in the War of The Currents, Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, but there’s one more player involved. Westinghouse got that AC plug from a certain person and I know I wasn’t the only watching this trailer wondering where my guy was at. Wondering where the gawd of electricity was at (and I ain’t talking bout Raiden).

You don’t mention AC on the track without mentioning the most underrated inventor in the game. You don’t mention the villain Thomas Edison (I told y’all I had bias, dude was a shady thief) without his arch enemy. You don’t talk about greatness without mentioning Nikola Tesla (Nicholas Hoult).

The Current War

Look at my man shining, look at my man Nikki Tesla aka Southside Serbia. I don’t even feel right calling him Nikola Tesla. It’s Nikola Fucking Tesla, you gotta say the whole thing. You gotta pay homage to the GOAT of the wire. Soon as he came on the screen I heard Shinsuke Nakamura’s “Land of The Rising Sun” entrance music hit. If there isn’t a violin playing at all times when Tesla is on screen talking then what are we even doing here? They really brought him out like a hidden character in Super Smash Bros with the “A New Challenger Has Arrived” intro. With Telsa’s introduction that means the gang is all here and the War of The Currents can truly play out.

The heart of this movie has to be the smear campaign Thomas Edison engages in with Westinghouse and Tesla. The trailer give us a clear prelude to this infamous beef. They beefing in the papers homie, they suing one another and beefing in the courts. It’s all fucking beef. This is the definition of beef on sight. I’m talking Grade A++ Beef. I’m talking Kobe Beef. I’m talking WWF vs WCW at the Monday Night Wars. Edison’s camp electrocuted a freakin elephant to show how “dangerous” AC was, who does that?

The Current War

There are so many lines in this trailer taken from history word for word to, so for all the science and history nerds they’ll serve as easter eggs. Westinghouse telling Edison to keep his name out his fucking mouth unless he speaking that truth. Tesla’s introduction as the god of the arcade before the arcade even got invented. My only question is how deep will this movie go into exploring the relationship between Tesla and Edison. I won’t post any spoilers (even though it already happened in real life) but there’s a lot from that well to pull from, especially since Tesla literally “you made it a hot line, I made it a hot song’d” Thomas Edison.

This shit looking like the Science Pay-Per-View we need right now. Come see Thomas Edison, The Wizard of Menlo Park challenge Nikola “Talk My Shit On The Radio” Tesla, and George “Million Dollar Man” Westinghouse when The Current War drops in theaters on November 24, 2017.

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