writer: Greg Rucka / artist: Carmen Carnero

“Tastes like chicken…”

How does Marvel keep spinning off these really proficient and nuanced solo titles that feel completely different from each other, yet expand on the developing its characters without compromising the canon that preceded them? Greg Rucka is just nailing the idea of a young Scott Summers in this book. He’s able to show us the path that would turn Scott into the vengeful, misunderstood Cyclops he is now and the divergent and hopeful Cyclops he would rather become. The chemistry between him and Corsair challenges just about any other parent/child dynamic in comics right now. The action is good and unique (I really, really would love to see older Cyclops as an expert with a sword), but the heart of this issue is the growing relationship between the two.

The art and story telling works really well in conjunction as it still captures the youthfulness of Scott and the peril of the situation at hand. The colors are lush as they always have been on this book, not matter the setting, without feeling too saturated. As Scott (with the aid of Corsair’s motivational speaking) has found his resolve, I’m pretty excited to see how they escape the island and where that adventure leads them next.

Cyclops is just a really good book that does some emotional lifting that many books wish they could. The use silence and stillness (comparable to what Rucka does with Lazarus) help humanize the characters in such a unique way. This is becoming one of those must have monthly books.

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