Writer: Mark Waid / Artist: Chris Samnee / Marvel Comics

It should be a known-known at this point that when Wilson Fisk shows his face you’re trying to strike a deal with him, that shit is not going to go as planned and you are probably fucked. Mark Waid did an incredible job of reminding us readers of just how much of a mastermind the Kingpin really is. With all the know-how Matt possesses in reading people (if they’re lying, nervous, and so on), we see that Wilson Fisk is just as good at misleading others. Waid displays the chessboard art form that takes place between these two and why their battles have been so savage over the years.

Fisk brings Ikari back into the fold — a guy that is Matt’s most difficult opponent skill-wise. Ikari has most definitely replaced Bullseye as Matt’s top villain.

Waid made him more vocal in this fight, confidently talking in casual conversation with Matt as they’re fighting for their freaking lives upon the rooftops of San Fran. It’s a small addition to the character but makes him so much more intimidating as this whole fight is just a regular Thursday to him while Matt has the world weighing down on him.

Chris Samnee never fails to deliver on art. The way he has Murdock moving through out this book is similar to the angles that Todd McFarlane put on Spider-Man to showcase his agility and flexibility uniquely.

His fight scenes are gorgeous to look at, especially when it comes to showing how fatigued the players are and exactly where they’re damaged. He also has a great balance of settings in this book and the environments displayed. It’s a give and take between bright optimism and dark grit which works amazingly visually.

This book contains the rematch we’ve been waiting for A GOOD WHILE between Ikari and Murdock. It’s a bit faster pace than their last match up. Fisk is back on his dumb shit, showcasing why he is the only man in Marvel allowed to do the Birdman hand rub (he’s the best at this Kingpin shit), and that ain’t even the half of what’s so eloquently placed in this issue. Waid and Samnee give us tag team perfection in this issue.

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