Days of Hate #2 Review

Days Of Hate imagines the political landscape post 45th, and it’s dark
Days of Hate #2

Writer: Ales Kot / Artist: Daniel Zezelj / Image Comics

Days Of Hate #2 doesn’t build a world as much as it constructs a playground for monsters, and it is a thing of beauty.

In Days Of Hate #2 we return to a world that magnifies our current political climate. Issue #1 moved at breakneck pace to bring readers up to speed in the world at large. This second issue is a slow and methodical, scaffolded character-building issue. Amanda just blew up a bar that doubled as a white supremacist HQ after being undercover for a few months. Huian Xing was interrogated by xenophobic government agent, Peter Freeman concerning Amanda’s actions. Agent Freeman was en route for home after months in the field where he’s a dick to people of color in his free time.

Days of Hate #2

Writer, Ales Kot brings us in close to examine the circumstances that gave rise to the three main characters in Days Of Hate #2. We follow each of them in a carefully choreographed spiral of exposition broken down into three parts: reaction, reflection, and finally, exposure. All of the exposure acts of the writing allow the reader to deeply understand what drives each character. This is also where you see that there are no villains, no heroes—just monsters built by circumstance.

Artist, Danijel Žeželj excavates gems by designing panels that emulate the spiraling nature of the narrative. This is a dark book. Not lot of fairies, forests, or lore to dress this up in. Žeželj uses that darkness to his advantage to create stark images that tell us about the characters’ relationship to the sensational shit we’re seeing. There is brilliant, careful, and thought-provoking art in Days Of Hate #2.

Days of Hate #2

Days Of Hate continues in its time-honored tradition of showing America’s very possible future. Days Of Hate #2 further examines the crux of how we got to our 45th president and the aftermath of that choice.

7 Bleak futures out of 10

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