Deadpool Assassin #6 Review

Writer: Cullen Bunn / Artist: Mark Bagley / Marvel

Slicing Send Off

Truthfully, I wasn’t ready for the limited series to end. Deadpool Assassin #6 left me cackling at the edge of my seat and also screaming dramatically at my ceiling. Last issue had me in tears. After the death of our beloved snake (Weasel) there was only one person left to save, his wife. Now my first thought was, yo this girl Threnody crazy as hell. You can’t be stealing somebody’s whole spouse. Which opened up my heart even more when I thought about the last DP Assassins issue. The pull and push surrounding religious metaphors versus loss, maybe I missed it all along this whole limited series.

The death of Weasel isn’t a crucifixion but rather he is the scapegoat for Threnody. If Weasel is the scapegoat for Threnody, then the kills Deadpool accumulated across the series is just a clump of scapegoats for himself. *Throws comic*. Why must Cullen Bunn continue to do this to me?! I just came here for a good time, and now I’m getting in my feels about the underlying metaphors of bloodshed.

This whole issue was packed with leaps of faith, perspective cuts and my heart kept pumping. The writing throughout the series was always a gut wencher, either with the visuals or the laughter. This last issue was a great tie and merger of all the metaphors scattered throughout Deadpool Assassins.

Slicer Pencil Strokes

The Bunn and Bagley team is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to be reckoned with. Each issue in Deadpool Assassins managed to have a similar art style but ranged so differently. The movement of blood took us from violent 90’s blood splatter to artistic blood-bending and I never got enough of it.

In Deadpool Assassins #6 the color scales ranged in liquids and transference of powers. What I loved about the art style this issue is that it was as quick and sharp like the dialogue. It felt like I was watching a television editor do masterful cuts, and the coloring did not suffer in the process. Bagley takes the suspense and adds swift decisions and movements. If the writing didn’t make your heart skip, I’m pretty sure those colors gave you a quick jab.

Deadpool Assassins #7 is honestly the limited series that I will look up to when I read other DP limited series. As a fan I felt like I was tugged along the story and I was watching it all go down right there in person as if I got some blood on my t-shirt. This is a comic that DP fans would look for if they want a gush of entertainment with a hefty side of existential crisis.

9.4 Existential Sabre Slices out of 10 

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