Django/Zorro #5 Review

Writers: Quentin Tarantino/Matt Wagner Art: Esteve Polls /Publisher:Dynamite

We’ve gotten to the fifth issue of Quentin Tarantino and Matt Wagner’s Django/Zorro comic book series. The issue started out as the realization of a fantasy I didn’t even know I had. The overall premise of the series is great and I would buy out an entire movie theater on my own (if I had it like that) if it ever hits the big screen. But the later issues of the series have been a bit of a letdown to be completely honest with you.


Given that the series is only expected to go six or seven issues, I find myself internally yelling “Get on with it!” The second issue was refreshing and introduced a compelling villain and their back story. But ever since then it’s appeared that every issue has taken detours and spent too much time showing us the scenery than making advancements in the plot. After captivating my full attention with the culmination of this pair-up of the ages and making me hate the bad guy, the last three issues have just been one long roller coaster of action sequences and their reasoning.

Sure, it comes with more than it’s fair share of eye candy (Django dressed up as Zorro, for example), but that doesn’t make up for what appears to be a stretched out story. There’s still a chance that the climax at the end of the series will make up for it’s past pacing weaknesses, but I wouldn’t hold my breath at this point. The antagonist of this series may be disgusting, but there’s no way he’s formidable enough to take on both Zorro and Django.


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