Eternity Girl #5 Review

Writer: Magdalene Vissago / Artist: Sonny Liew / DC Comics

Earth’s Rough Kiss

Coming off of what may be my single favorite issue of comics this year so far, Eternity Girl #5 continues to be one of the most interesting pieces of fiction you could be reading right now. With all of the elements of the world in place, Vissago continues to show off and gives Liew a veritable gambit of set pieces and scenes. The creative team is clearly flexing all of their skills as we near the end of the miniseries, and the philosophical meditations on human nature just keep rolling.

Eternity Girl is a story of possibility, a brief primer into quantum philosophy where things are and aren’t, and everything seems to be indeterminate. Whether we’re dealing with Eternity Girl and Madame Atom on a cosmic misadventure or Caroline Sharp trying to process the very meaning of existence, Vissago’s expertly cut dialog snippets, deftly handling dual narratives that continues to expose new facets of the plot. It’s been a defining characteristic of the story and on the page, it happens almost effortlessly, but the panel composition and the careful word choice continue to astound.

Eternity Girl #5

Liew continues to be the perfect artist for this ambitious artwork. Every DC artists needs to have a good grasp of the ordinary and extraordinary, but Liew seems to be operating on an entirely different level. It’s such a wonderful melding of creative visions and easily becoming my favorite Young Animal imprint.

When I think back to where we started, I didn’t imagine this is where we’d be ending up. I couldn’t fathom the intricacies that have slowly unfurled. But now that we are at the penultimate issue, I’m going to once again request that you go out of your way and buy the back issues for the series so you can be ready for the finale.

9.1 “Force, Speed, and Timing, Judiciously Applied” out of 10

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