Event Leviathan #2 Review

Event Leviathan #2 Cover

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Alex Maleev / DC Comics

After reading this comic, I am elated that Bendis’ Leviathan event has extended past the pages of Action Comics. The icon team of Bendis and Maleev bring Event Leviathan #2 this week. Last issue centered on a Leviathan attack on an A.R.G.U.S site bringing together Batman, Lois Lane, and the Green Arrow. This issue opens with the aftermath of yet another attack on at least two familiar characters. Jason Todd, former Robin and current Red Hood, observes from far off before he’s met by Batman. The two exchange information and takes on these Leviathan attacks. Batman bounces the idea of the detective team off Red Hood and fills him in on the activities of two other members. Sam Lane, one of the few survivors of a Leviathan attack is targeted again in his hospital bed. This leads to the most dramatic step towards the identity of Leviathan so far as the detectives approach their first major suspect.Event Leviathan #2 InsideI think I know who Leviathan is and if I’m right I’d be so validated. This comic did a beautiful job of dialing up the action and tension just enough. The levity was surprisingly well balanced without doing injustice to the stakes of the event. I have not had much experience with Plastic Man. When I pulled up his Wikipedia, yup, there it is. History of being a detective. Works for me. He was a great source of comic relief. I don’t know if there is an ongoing joke about his parental issues, but there are two solid references to a character being his dad and I audibly laughed reading it.

I think what makes this comic particularly impressive is the blend of the familiar and the foreign. I am a long time Bendis and Maleev fan and a long-standing Bat-Family fan. The Question is a character I have superficial knowledge of, but I’ve always been curious about. Lastly, loyally following the Leviathan story I am completely intrigued, especially with this take from the perspective of characters very different from Superman.

10 “Kiteman References” out of 10

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