Writer: Rodney Barnes / Artist: Sebastian Cabrol / Marvel Comics

After spending years as Steve Roger’s right hand, then replacement, then former replacement, Sam Wilson’s sense of identity has been in flux.

The first arc of Falcon was similarly shaky, throwing Sam right into a confrontation with the devil himself and a street-level conflict with gun violence. When we got the heads up that his next arc was going to focus on vampires I was cautious to make a decision on if that was going to work or not.

From Falcon #6, it looks like things are headed in the right direction as a story about vampires is oddly a lot more grounded than one about taking on hellspawn.

Falcon 6

It was also a treat to see the continuation of Patriot’s sibling rivalry with Joaquin “I still don’t have a codename because Sam stole it back” Torres.

If there’s one complaint I have about this story, it’s the idea that Brianna, Patriot’s love interest, was seemingly introduced simply to be harmed, or to be used as a motivational pawn for the storyline. We don’t know anything about her besides she’s good at Calculus, likes Taylor Swift, likes him, and is now *SPOILERS* a vampire. *SPOILERS*

Lastly, the best thing about this issue is that we may have gotten the deepest look into the Sam Wilson–Misty Knight relationship yet and I’m here for all of that. Let’s see this relationship become healthy and stable—by superhero standards—and flourish by any means necessary.

8.3 Misty Knight mimosas out of 10

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