Fallen Angels #3 Review

Fallen Angels #3 cover

Writer: Bryan Hill / Artist: Szymon Kudranski / Marvel

“I know where God lives. God lives in the moment a gunshot takes a life. God lives in the first breath of a child being born. Both moments equal. Neither good nor evil. God cannot consider morality. God is purpose itself.”

First things first, Rest in Peace Betsy Braddock! Fallen Angels is by far the darkest X-Book in this new Hickman era. Most of the details around Apoth, the newest looming threat are shrouded in mystery. But that hasn’t stopped Psylocke from tracking, or being lured by this villain (if we can even call it that yet) to a warehouse in Brazil where it’s about to go down!

Interior from Fallen Angels #3
This book has featured some incredibly daring artwork that, at times, knocks the visuals out the park with unorthodox angles and stunning panels, but Szymon Kudranski has also missed the mark on many occasions which really takes you out of the story. Luckily the mercenary trio of X-23, Cable, and Psylocke brings more than enough action and intrigue for readers hungry for more X-Men adventures with psychological components.

Psylocke (Kwannon, if you nasty) has taken Laura under her carefully trained wing and is assisting her to slowly hone those rage filled feelings and her perfectly crafted predatory skillset. We also get an inside look at the urges that drive Psylocke closer to this apparent creation of hers. You probably noticed I haven’t mentioned much about Cable. Yeah, well that’s because Cable is a reckless hothead who deserves every unfortunate series of events that happen to him. And we get to enjoy every moment of that fallout. I love how impulsive he is, because we get so many tantalizing skirmishes because if it.

Interior from Fallen Angels #3

I didn’t love the issue, partly because it was very much the setup for a huge showdown in the next book. Cable’s life is on the line and everything that Psylocke has left is driving her to this moment where God meets mother and machine meets man meets mutant.

6.5 Berserker Barrages out of 10

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