‘Far Sector #10’ Review: Secrets Revealed

Writer: N.K. Jemisin / Artist: Jamal Campbell / DC Comics

It may be Future State‘s time to shine, but Far Sector #10 has arrived and demands your attention.

This is the issue where we get all the answers. Where everything is cleared up. And where there’s room for the climax to move in and pay first and last month’s rent. If you’ve been invested in this series since the first issue, this is where it all pays off for you. 

I’m here to tell you that it’s all been worth it. 

This issue follows Jo Mullein as she’s arrested and interrogated for trespassing at a sweatshop where people’s emotions are harvested to create memes to sell on the darknet. 

Yes, for real.

Jemisin has managed to set up a story that’s layered in politics, mystery, compelling alien culture, drugs, and internet memes. Far Sector is a puzzle made with pieces that shouldn’t fit well together, but do nonetheless. 

There wasn’t a ton of action, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t tense. Trust me, the air is thicc with tension. We got to see Jo Mullein rationalize and be a detective in real time as she figures out this entire web of lies and her place within it. The stakes wind up being so high that you can totally get why this issue was taken to catch you up on the story. From here on out it’s gonna be pandemonium. This is your last chance to get off the ride. But why would you?

Jemisin has her finger on the pulse of the heartbeat of our society and is putting it on total display in this book. Even though this story is taking place in a far away alien world filled with sentient internet beings and emotional suppressing drugs, I can’t help but see some eerily similar connections to our world. That’s of course by design, but after the last year, it’s eerily prevalent. That’s the beauty of sci-fi.

As always, Jamal Campbell proves to us why he gets to draw for a living, and we don’t. The things that stood out to me in this issue were the stark contrast of colors. Blue and red specifically. When Jo is locked in a cell for questioning, blue is used in an overwhelming fashion, casting doubt on the uncertainty of Jo’s future. And when shocking revelations are made, the scene is saturated with red, indicating the present or impending doom.

Far Sector #10 drops the answer to every question you might have as it sets up a climax guaranteed to grab your attention.

10 Interrogations out of 10

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