If ‘Final Destination’ Was Your Guilty Pleasure ‘Truth or Dare’ Is Coming to Fill the Void

Seen it all before but won't stop me from seeing it again.

Fresh off her stint as one of the resident liars on Freeform, Lucy Hale is stepping into some scream queen’s shoes to try her hand at “real” horror in Jeff Wadlow’s upcoming Truth or Dare. The premise of the film is generic: a group of asshole-ish twenty-somethings get together in some creepy empty warehouse(?) to drink and play a good ‘ole game of Truth and Dare. After the first few people do the obligatory kissing dares and confessions of love, Olivia’s (Lucy Hale) date decides to tell everyone the real deal truth: “Every single one of you jerk-offs is going to die. I’m good with it ’cause I’ll live to see the next season of Big Little Lies.” Olivia gets freaked out. Soon after, they start seeing things, and pretty soon, their friends start dying one by one. Essentially, “THE GAME PLAYS YOU.” If you don’t tell the truth or do the dare you’re given, you die.

The film seems like a homage/rip-off of the Final Destination series: gruesome deaths that fate — or in this case a sinister game, which I’m assuming is some kind of deranged spirit — spins up for you. I have to admit, that neck crunch with the pool table got me a little bit icked out. The scrunched up faces each person makes as their card is pulled is kind of freaky, so I think while this will be no Babadook, it might be a half-way decent watch for a boring Tuesday night.

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