Better 7 Years Late Than Never? ‘Slenderman’ Trailer Is Finally Here

Welcome to 2011.

We’re taking a stroll down memory lane of old memes: who doesn’t remember the terrifying but well-dressed man of lean? I guess all that internet stardom paid off, because here we are with and upcoming wide-release live-action Slenderman. The plot follows a group of girls who conduct a ritual in order to prove or disprove the existence of the mythical entity, Slenderman. However, one of the girls goes missing, and the remaining individuals become thrown into a twister of terror. Judging from the trailer, it looks like a lot of psychological torment will be used for the plot along with a fog machine. I’m not sure how relevant Slenderman is nowadays, and whether or not this The Ring imagery will work in the movie’s favor, but does the trailer creepy me out a bit? Yeah. Screams of terror, someone throwing themselves off a roof, a kid stabbing themselves in the face somewhere, another running away from the titular monster only to be presumably caught… none of this makes for a feel-good movie.

Can Slenderman rely on its past-trending stardom that is almost forgotten? There does not seem to be any notable stars in the cast, and the special effects don’t seem all that special, but while it may not look groundbreaking or original it might just live up to its past hype. We’ll just have to wait till Slenderman hits theaters May 18th and see. Or wait for Netflix to judge for yourself.

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