Flash Recap: Attack on Gorilla City

Season 3 / Episode 13 / The CW

This is the episode they been hyped about! This supposed to be that Planet Earth II survival of the fittest flames! This turned out to be one of the dopest episodes of The Flash to date. Lets jump right into it.

Earth 2: The episodes starts off with Harry Wells out in the woods running from mysterious beasts, that we all know are giant gorillas. A quick little explanation of Jesse’s claim that her dad got kidnapped and brought to Gorilla City.


S.T.A.R. Labs: Jesse and Team Flash are rattling off questions when we get the big reveal. Somehow Earth 2 just has an entire civilization of telepathic gorillas located in the heart of Africa and her father has been captured by them. Theeennnnnn HR walks out asking about coffee, cuz of course he did, and Jesse gets mad hyped (thinkin it was pops) seconds before things get reallll awkward. Maury pops up like the Mortal Kombat guy and is like, “Not ya daddy!”.

The team switches gears and Barry drops knowledge on em about the future headline that the city is healing from a gorilla attack.

Gorilla Gameplan

The focus is to stop any gorillas from attacking Central City and moving one step closer to saving Iris from her grisly fortune. Barry divides the squad up. Wally and Jesse hold down the fort in C-City. Cisco has to vibe the team to Earth 2, so he’s comin’, Caitlin has a “special connection” with Grodd (cuz they go way back) so she’s comin’, Barry obviously, and Julian who pulls up with the late game arrival in full Indiana Jones exploration gear. He brought the burner doe.. Cisco escorts the make shift team to E-2, leaving the young speedsters to defend OG Earth.

Wally finally reveals to Jesse that he’s become a speedster and the awkward moments continue. There’s a robbery alert so they go handle those guaranteed-to-get-bodied-thugs but Wally can’t shake this tension between him and Jesse. He says fuck it and goes full romance novel, telling her that he’s not complete without her. Homeboy must’ve been taking tips from Barry, and good Lawd I haven’t seen this much bi-racial love in one place ever.

Earth 2: The team arrives to the entrance of Gorilla City. Nestled deep within the African jungle, the gorillas rule and immediately get the jump on the squad.

The team takes a dart to the neck each and gorillas imprison the suckers. They all wake up in cells, unable to use their powers. Harry comes stumbling down into their dungeon, clearly being controlled by Grodd. He comes up with a proposal for the Flash to defeat Solovar, the leader of Gorilla City. In exchange for beating him, Grodd will seize power, promise to let them go, and leave OG Earth alone.

Gladiator Gorilla City

The Gorilla City arena is insanely massive. Easily one of the finest cinematic shots in Flash history. Very reminiscent of Game of Thrones first shot of The Titan of Braavos. Hundreds of gorillas line the arena coliseum with Solovar and Flash in the center. The leader of the primates is clad in armor with a massive curved spear and shield in hand.

The battle pops off and Flash takes back to back L’s as Cisco coaches him into the ground. Solovar has Flash on his heels and goes airborne to deliver the final fade when Cisco has the epiphany to tell Barry to pull a Reverse Flash and vibrating hand death chops Solovar in his big brolic ass chest. But it was a B Grade chop so he’s only knocked out. Barry, being the inspirational ass Flash that he is, tells the gorillas that humans don’t want war with them and is going to spare their leader’s life as a show of good faith. Grodd is pissed Flash doesn’t kill Solovar and knocks the homie out.

Mass Exodus

Barry wakes up in his cell and immediately goes to work on an escape plan. They decide somebody’s gotta die. Grodd takes over Harry’s body and tells our rag tag hero team that he’s a scumbag and never planned on letting them go home. Oh yea, he was actually the only one who wanted to wage war with humans, and Flash’s victory over Solovar has given him the ability to do just that. Always thinking 2 steps ahead that Grodd.

But Barry took a page out of his book when he had Cailtin drop his core temp so it seemed like blue faced Barry was dead. Grodd comes in and discards of his body. When gone, Barry vibrates his body alive and springs the gang from their shackles. They make a break for it and vibe back to OG Earth.

Late Episode Shockers

HR gives Jesse some love advice, resulting in her telling Wally about a hypothetical world where she tells her dad she wants to stay on OG Earth. She apologizes for being an “epic basket case” and they get the kiss they’ve been inching toward for months.

Couch Bae: Barry and Iris finally get back to relaxing couch time at home. Barry thinks the nightmares will finally be over, now that he’s stopped the future from happening..or so he thinks. They end the night with a cute ass, sexy ass, surprising ass line about not getting any sleep tonight! Light skinned speedster babies are coming all around!

The Gorillas are coming..the gorillas are still coming!
Part II of Gorilla City poppin off next week.

Flash Facts

Quote of the Episode: Where there’s life there’s hope.

Hilarious seeing Iris tell Wally to “Lock it down” with Jesse.
Pretty genuine moment between the West fam tho.

Caitlin and Julian go out on another date (eye roll).
At least he held back his dickish tendencies this episode.

Nice little call back to the episode Harry Wells was in when he said he knew something was up when Barry escaped out of the mirror when they fought Mirror Master.

Gypsy under mind control helping Grodd open up breaches to OG Earth?
Silver lining: Maybe Cisco will get that kiss he missed.

The season is finally heating up something stoooooopid! If you missed any eps, check out our season 3 recaps here.

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