Future’s End #31 Review

writers: Azzarello, Lemire, Jurgens, Giffen / penciller: Scott Eaton

Aaaaannndddd scene…

Consider the “Cadmus Island” story arc of DC’s Future’s End series officially over. We’ve had our climax and enough of a conclusion to hold on to.

In issue #30, Green Arrow and his group of heroes made it to Cadmus Island, defeated Brother Eye (for now) and saved all of the heroes that were being held captive. The storyline came to a climax and even included the death of a main character, along with the birth of another.

In issue #31 we see the aftermath of the previous issues’ events. Mourners come together to acknowledge the death of Ronnie Raymond, which Tim Drake still feels responsible for. Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend, who was possibly becoming Ronnie’s next, ended up fusing with Madison and becoming a new Firestorm that can’t bring herself to let him know she’s alive. Oliver Queen decides to remain retired through the guise of his death and Lois Lane told the entire world what Cadmus is trying to do. The main action comes from Superman and John Constantine, a storyline that’s been in the background for a while now.

Given all of the action that took place in the last issue, this one is rather tame. If there were an appropriate time to jump ship on Future’s End, or to pick it up, now is that time. Most of the stories have been tied up in a nice, little bow to be opened up at a later date or to be left on a shelf as a nice decoration.

Grade: B-


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