Game of Thrones from Telltale Games Review: The Sword in the Darkness

Season: 1 / Episode: 3

While I have enjoyed both of the previous episodes of in this series, episode three, “The Sword in the Darkness” was the best installment yet. Somehow, after all the big decisions and consequences that have reviewed themselves, the stakes are at their highest point so far, with big, big moments forcing you into extreme corners. This time around, every character’s story line has big and impactful moments that are fun to move through. Things begin with Asher again, trying to avoid the Lost Legion, but their fight with their pursuers takes a crazy and awesome turn. You don’t spend a ton of time with him, but his storyline introduces another uber-popular Thrones character that helps expand the world even more. The drama in King’s Landing steps up a notch too as it seems every decision you make is not trying to get Mira locked up or killed. Even things at the Wall get even more intense as you not only forge new friendships, but encounter new enemies. The only detractor is that while playing as Gared at the Wall is cool, you are basically reliving Jon Snow’s arrival as far as the obstacles you have to tackle.

Still, the biggest drama happens with House Forrester as the Whitehills get ever more aggressive. Things are as bad as they’ve ever been. Numerous times, you have to throw blind faith at a decision hoping you are helping and not make things worse. You would think that at some point, House Forrester would catch a break and get the upper hand somewhere. NOPE. Things continue to get worse and worse, but we at least move closer to the possibility of help on the way. But nothing is guaranteed.

Also, some of the graphical issues that I noted in my last review seemed to resolve themselves, or at least aren’t as glaring. The foreground displays more sharpness, comparable to episode 1, while the background and scenery still have the watercolor effect. Some environments still look better than others, but overall, it looks pretty good (especially if you’re on a PC with the few options pumped up).

Overall, this was the best installment of the series so far, with so many big moments happening and setting up some large repercussions for the last two installments. More than before, you are forced to go out on faith and rethink some of your alliances.


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