writers: Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman / artist: Afua Richardson

In the finale, the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been in Genius, which is saying a lot, considering it began with all-out war between the streets and the LAPD. Destiny is fleeing the police station with knowledge that National Guard is coming to collect and she’s trying to save her people. Again, this version of Destiny is more appealing to me: still calculated and strategically superior, but also giving a damn about the people. The internal thought of Destiny plays well here as well, knowing when jig is up, contemplating her “real world” usefulness, sacrifice of herself instead of other people. They’ve given Destiny a complete arc in these five issues which is commendable, but I wish there were more hints at Destiny being a human being before reaching issue #4.

I did wish for a little bit more closure between her and Detective Grey as this was just as much his story as hers through the first few issues. Still, it was nice to see Destiny in control, even in the last act of submission. They could’ve ended this arc a number of different ways, but this was probably the most satisfying.

I hate to be a broken record, but Afua Richardson is the truth. I felt that her art was carrying the book from the beginning, but when the writing stepped up, the art reflected it well. No matter what happens with these creators (which includes another arc being greenlit, so congratulations to them), I’ll be checking for whatever Richardson is working on.

A satisfying finish to a book that I felt had to work itself out before finding a consistent groove. Still, I’m glad this book exists and that they’ll get another opportunity to expand this world some. And Destiny. I think we would all like to see more Destiny Ajaye.

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