Ghost Rider #5 Review

Writer: Felipe Smith / Art: Tradd Moore

Robbie Reyes is back and dumping that fire. I like that Marvel gave us “All New Ghost Rider”, I was hoping we’d get a new version of a villain or a new villain entirely for Robbie. Mr. Hyde isn’t disappointing however. We see what Mr. Hyde can be outside of Daredevil’s rogue gallery and setting up his own West side connects. This issue was the close of the first arc. We learned somethings in hindsight as Eli (the spirit possessing Robbie) has no idea who or what the Ghost Rider is when their similarities are pointed out by Mr. Hyde.

Tradd Moore went the fuck in on this issue art wise. The villains are looking like WWf (I hate saying WWE) Wrestlers from the Attitude Era. Mr. Hyde is looking like a level 5 kaiju from Pacific Rim. Moore makes it work though, plus we gotta give a shout out to Robbie giving out that Kratos God of War / Ghost of Sparta Chain work.
Robbie Reyes

I’m looking forward to what Smith has in store for Robbie. We see a great divide in the choices to do good and to salt the Earth that Robbie is presented with. The way he considers each choice is truly defining who this character will become. Smith’s use of Robbie’s brother is scalpel perfect as well. I am With this book!


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