Ghost Rider #7 Review

W-Felipe Smith
A-Damion Scott

Robbie Reyes is doing his best Fast and Furious reenactments as he keeps on winning money. This is a great thing for Robbie but Eli sees it as a waste of time. Eli wants that Tupac murder music to come back but Robbie isn’t having it. Robbie is fine just winning this money and taking care of his brother. Meanwhile Dr. Hyde is still planning his come back while gathering an army and pushing out a new and improved version of his previous drug. Robbie gets wind of a big race and figures it’s easy money since he got the power to turn the tide in his favor. Robbie wins but the next time around we finally see him encounter some of the animals that have taken Hyde’s previous drug and they are running all of the muck in town. Eli holds out on the access to their power until Robbie agrees to stop holding him back and take their partnership more seriously.

Robbie agrees and proceeds to whoop ass. It needs to be noted that smith has been showing us more and more how Eli uses justice as an excuse for violence. He isn’t a spirit of vengeance we have typically seen. He wants Robbie to hurt folks. He has been pushing for Robbie to get more and more violent these past couple of issues.

After his race was interrupted by the mutated vermin and he lost, Robbie was going to let the fact of it go but Eli drove him to a point of saying “fuck that, these vermin out here fucking with my racing record that aint on me” which then finds Robbie knocking the winner off the road and leaving dude in serious condition. Robbie is thinking bout grabbing that money and running BUT THEN WHO SHOWS UP! WHO BEEN TRACKING ROBBIE DOWN SINCE ABOUT TWO ISSUES AGO! THE ORIGINAL INNOVATER OF VENGEANCE! THE OLD SPICE ’77 LEATHER JACKET BACK!!!

JOHNNY MOTHER FUCKING BLAZE IS BACK! He bought to have them words with Eli right quick too. So there is bound to be a fight between Blaze and Robbie/Eli. I. Can. Not. Wait.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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