Good Burger Popup Restaurant Brings The Nostalgia & The Good Times

  • “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?”. Who doesn’t remember the 90’s classic Good Burger? Starring our two favorite child actors and comedians, Kenan and Kel. Well, my fellow nostalgia lovers on the West Coast,There’s a Good Burger Popup restaurant in West Hollywood California and it is the unexpected surprise we didn’t know we needed. First opening in July, it is an welcomed addition to things to do and see in the Los Angeles area as we count down the days of Summer.

    Making your reservations

    Getting reservations for the restaurant is easy, smooth and hassle free. Simply head to the website and fill out the needed information. That’s it! Tickets are at 30$ per person and include a 90 minute Good Burger experience. For the dining aspect, you receive an entree, side item and a sentimental item!

    Welcome to Good Burger

    Walking up to the restaurant, we were already cheesing from ear to ear. There was a host at the entrance who greeted us wearing the classic Good Burger uniform. Once we checked in, we headed inside to fawn over all the 90’s throwbacks.

    They were playing old school 90’s Hip Hop and R&B, as well as some music from the actual movie. My friend who went with me was vegan and she was concerned about her options for her meal. The cashier let her know her options, she got the beyond burger and Good fries, and I ordered the Good Burger and Good rings. He then handed us our sentimental item, which was a Good Burger paper hat, and told us the table number we would be seated at.

    Was the Good Burger actually good?   

    I enjoyed it. The burger itself was tasty, juicy, flavorful and everything I wanted a Good Burger to taste like. The Good rings could have been crispier and more seasoned but that’s just a personal preference. My friend, who got the vegan options, said she enjoyed her meal as well.

    After dining shenanigans

    There were a plethora of activities, photo ops and chill spots to do check out after you were finished eating! Including an All that game room which was playing the Good Burger movie and had a bunch various retro gaming machines. You can definitely utilize the entire 90 minute time slot whether your playing games, watching the movie, taking pictures or just chilling with the fam out and taking it all in. This is family friendly and an event everyone can enjoy! Pop up restaurants, shops and events are never here to stay so if you adore Good Burger, get in while while the food’s hot and fresh!

    Book your Good Burger experience at their website, and follow along with them with updates on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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