Gotham Academy #16 Review

Writers: Brenden Fletcher, James Tynion IV, Ken Niimura / Artists: Adam Archer, Christian Wildgoose, Ken Niimura / DC Comics

Gotham Academy mixtape Yearbook continues, this time with two main short stories anchoring the issue. Both cute. Both fun. Both quintessential Gotham Academy, a signature feel that everyone can recognize no matter the artist on the book.

The first story is “Map’s Day Out,” and true to the title (and fans’ desire) this one’s all Maps, with a brief set-up by the man Colton Rivera and an even bigger cameo from someone else. High off caffeine and hope, Maps sets out to meet the man’s she’s always wanted to fight crime alongside, The Dark Knight himself. How does she plan on meeting Batman? Well, it involves maps, of course. She’s got a plan and Colton is along for the ride in a short story that puts a member of the Detective Club in a familiar Gotham setting.

Gotham Academy #16 Panel

The second story is one of friendship called “Boring Sundays,” which shows the power of imagination and friendship when wild mysteries aren’t happening all over campus. Sometimes life is pretty mundane, but it never has to be boring, and writer and artist Ken Niimura captures the need for adventure that we all felt when we were kids, before we grew up and embraced lazy, boring days. There’s always a need for adventure, even when you have to force yourself into one.

Gotham Academy #16 Panel 2

Gotham Academy #16 was a completely Maps-focused issue, and one that fans have wanted since she was first introduced. She’s obviously stolen the show and become the de facto star of the series, and for good reason: she’s funny, smart, and simply lives for adventure. Any Maps-centric issue is bound to be a favorite, and the format for “Yearbook” lends itself to several of her adventures per issue. Who wouldn’t be a fan of that?

8.8 out of 10

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