***I keep thinking we’ve seen the worst that Fox’s Gotham has to offer us. I know its not going to get any better but it can’t get worse right? The universe wouldn’t allow it. I’m going to tell you right now the universe don’t love us no more***

The episode starts off with a killer thats been murdering the privileged (I’m not going to comment), We see Harvey and his partner before Jim Gordon on the case. Apparently someone been dressing up in a goat dominatrix mask and abducting the rich kids of gotham. He calls himself The Spirit of the Goat. I’m gonna… I’m gonna stop right here and tell yall I’ve seen some wack shit in my day. I’ve seen some things man, but having to type out The Spirit of the Goat as an actual name for a villain? This is a fucking all time low. The SOTG (he aint “A Tribe Called Quest” he don’t deserve for me to say the whole name).

Fox dollars hard at work
Fox dollars hard at work

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Harvey finds the latest victim in time to save her and proceeds to put 4 shots in the killer thus ending the case.

We open up in the present with a victim killed and the crime scene looks like a watered down True Detective scene. Harvey gets then proceeds to get his watered down Rust Cohle on as the killer he puts merk’d apparently looks to be back but it’s gotta be a copy cat right? Wrong!. There was a piece of evidence left out when they filed away the original case. A penny he would sew into his victims heads. This killer is doing the exact same thing. Freeeeeeakkkyyyyyyy.

Harvey proceeds to visit his old partner with Jim. Apparently Harvey put him away (looks to be in some kind of hospital) and the old partner tells Jim Harvey is out here trying to be a white knight and shit. Look out for him. Jim looks at him like he just said Taylor Swift has the best mixtape in the music industry.

Nah but for real tho, Harvey? A white knight? stop playin man.
Nah but for real tho, Harvey? A white knight? stop playin man.

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After Harvey makes sure with the nurse that his old partner is getting the magazines he sends him (we don’t know what the zines are but it safe to say they aren’t Game Pro or Nintendo Power mags). Harvey proceeds to tell the father of the victim what has happened. The father starts to fidget with his hands before excusing himself, he has been seeing a therapist. She informs the detective its a delicate time for the father (he was mad soft to begin with). When the SOTG strikes again and kidnaps another victim per his usual MO. Gordon and Harvey figure out how he would have access to the house so easily with the way the killer breaks in. He was apart of a cleaning service. They cross reference who would have been taking time off which corresponds with the murders. They enlist the help of Edward Nygma to nail down the suspects.

Fox: Subtle? Fuck Subtle! Put a god damn question mark on his cup! Boom, ratings!
Fox: Subtle? Fuck Subtle! Put a god damn question mark on his cup! Boom, ratings!

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Meanwhile at Wayne Manor. Selina Kyle does her lackluster Splinter Cell Sam Fischer impersonation running up in Bruce’s house, surveying and taking some shit before bouncing. All while he is asleep on the couch… soft.

Back to the main story, Harvey and Jim proceed to find the killer and save the victim. As they have him in interrogation Harvey feels like something is off. The previous killer was mentally ill and kept to himself profusely. This killer has the exact same profile which it is too coincidental. Harvey does’t some research then finds out that the therapist that was consoling the victim’s father is actually a hypnotist. She was also a therapist to the killer’s. She was putting them under hypnotic suggestion in order to commit these killings. She saw it as cleaning up Gotham through the elite’s greed.

Harvey gets into a brief scuffle, shoots the therapist in the leg as she tries to escape down some stairs then calls it a day bringing her in for custody. Back at GCPD Crispus Allen and Montoya have a witness that saw Gordon “kill” Penguin. They arrive at the GCPD precinct to arrest Gordon. Gordon is telling Harvey he didn’t do it, as in “No for real I did not kill him”. Harvey says, “yeah I know you’re totally innocent man”. Harvey is also arrested as the witness places him at the scene of the crime too. Things look bad until Cobble Pot shows up walking straight into the precinct fresh as fuck after a sponge bath from moms.


(I’m not joking about that, that was an actual scene)


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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  • The Artist Formerly Known As The Possum Hill Kid

    Dayum..that review was HARSH and it even had a Taylor Swift diss in there. Ring the bell!! Stop the fight!! Go to a neutral corner my man–them folks at Fox can’t take anymore punishment.

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