Green Arrow #1 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy / Artist: Otto Schmidt / DC Comics

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day… wait that’s not quite right. More like, it’s a reboooot, it’s a revaaaamp… and DC is feeling good. Yeah, yeah — don’t call it a revamp, these characters have been here for years, I know. Well we got the Emerald Archer back in Seattle showing his age with a more mature and elder look to him as opposed to his previous early-20’s incarnation. Oliver isn’t alone though we see he is joined by Black Canary who’s helping him clean up a smuggling ring. We get to see the old duo back at what they do best, which is beating ass.

Percy has Ollie and Dinah making quips here and there in the battle which felt really meh. We get introduced to another archer in the series, Emi, who comes to their aide. We find out her relation to Oliver then we see Oliver take Dinah on a tour showing how he is making the city better. We see that Oliver has opened up a women shelter, hospital, baseball field, and so on. Dinah points out that everything he does to make things better involves money.


Black Canary isn’t wrong in the least. The white savior complex is strong with Oliver in this issue and we see that his company has their hands in some business that Oliver needs to make himself aware of. Percy gives us a lot to bring us back for issue two in a big way. There is a huge payout by the end of the issue that you will not see coming and I could have done with waiting to play out over even more issues. You have to appreciate how hard Percy is going to keep you attached to the series with his direction for Oliver.

I like Schmidt’s art as well. We get to see a smooth layout of characters and actions. I really enjoyed how Schmidt made the arrows stand out, especially when they get jammed into people (which there is a lot of in this issue). Seeing Oliver and Dinah’s chemistry back in this book, especially in the beginning stages, is a great aspect and thread to follow for this series. Hopefully we’ll see more of these two together.

8 Arrows Shot from Steph Curry Distance out of 10

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