Green Lantern Corps #37 Review

Writer: Van Jensen
Art: Bernard Chang

I’ma keep it 100 mph on this. It ain’t getting any better in the Green Lantern Corps man. This Godhead even isn’t doing it for me. John Stewart my lantern I hate it had to be him but the whole corps under duress has been done to death at this point. We got Sinestro and John’s group at the mercy of the High Father. High Father still turning folks into soldiers through his coercion and it’s only through a mutiny that Johns and crew get to escape. The best part about the issue is Sinestro and John Stewart both commenting on how they’d rather not die in each other’s company.

I don’t have any complaints on Chang’s art, I’m still feeling the backdrop he gives to action scenes. The best part of the whole issue comes when John Stewart decides to come back and rescue more folks. This is the John Stewart I am here to see. We also see him make a bold proclamation as well

Screenshot 2014-12-10 19.51.41

Say word is covalent bond, John Stewart just said he the best assassin in the game in all of sector 2814. What? Thats the shit I am talking about man. When John Stewart is on his gun talk he is at his best. Arghhhhh!!! I want more of this! I want that Future’s End gun music John Stewart back soooo badly man. Can we keep this party going please? The New Gods are still a serious threat but we’re watching John Stewart turn the odds to his favor this issue.


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