Season 6/ Episode 1 / NBC

“Maybe this world is another planet’s hell”

When we left Nick and Renard, they were chillin’ at the loft.

By chillin’ I mean, Renard was standing over Bonaparte’s dead body having just gutted dude because daddy’s little hellspawn was back at the house playing with her Playskool’s first long-distance-people-controlling dolls.

Nick, thanks to the magic Black Forest stick, was shot – repeatedly, at close range. – and doing his best Luke Cage impersonation.

The rest of the gang had scattered into the prohibition-era tunnels trying to avoid death.

Nick has no idea that Diana is the reason that Bonaparte is dead (shouldn’t have choked her mom, huh?) so they are having a civil conversation as the body cools. Renard can see the bullet holes in Nick clothes and is like, “so about that…?” Nick thinks Renard just saved his life but knows that no matter what he’s a slimy motherfucker is noncommittally like “I know [head nod] it’s weird. But so why you kill your friend” Renard barely says “Iunno” before he drops the murder weapon and bounces.

In the tunnels, all the pairs Monrosalee, Hank and Wu, and Trubel and Eve are trying to find a way out. Everyone is failing except Monrosalee who find a way out and stumbled headlong into a Very Special Talk ™ about the pregnancy. I guess people who are actively making life don’t lie thinking that thy and all of their friends are about to be slaughtered. They head back to get the others.

Right before they get to them, Eve is… having some trouble. She tried to woge and it looked like she pulled all her muscles. So I’m guessing that magic stick stole her powers. She shuts up about it as the others arrive, but Trubel seems to have an idea about what’s going on. Hank and Wu walk up and all six of them are ready to go back and get Nick or Nick’s corpse, they’re not sure but feel guilty for leaving him.

Before they get too far, thy run into Nick who updates them on all the dead wesen in his loft including Bonaparte. The bullet holes in his shirt once again bring up awkward questions.

When Renard gets back home to Adalind, her only concern is whether or not Nick is alive. Renard tells her the Bonaparte thing and they figure out that it was probably their hellspawn (because she did already kill Renard’s girlfriend, Rachel). Renard gets all amped up to go discipline his kid and Adalind is like “you gonna hand out timeouts to a kid handing out fades from across town?” That’s when he switches gears and tells Adalind she’s going to regret falling in love with Nick, puts on his coat, and heads to a wesen judge’s house to get search warrants on errybody on Nick’s squad so he can effective pin Bonaparte’s murder and probably the other 4 or 5 baker’s dozen of bodies spread between the loft, at the spice shop, at the north precinct, and his precinct on Nick.

Adalind goes to tuck in/smother Diana and sees the Bonaparte doll and bloody toothpick sword on the bed and gets that oh dear god my kid is a straight murdered look on her face.

At the loft. Eve has questions about her miraculous healing. Nick finally reveals the stick to her and she gets the story of how they used it on her and how she had a seizure. She feels “changed.” Before they can get too deep into that, they formulate a plan to dispose of the many bodies. But, honestly, unless they are dousing the place in bleach, gasoline, and matches, there is no way even the most inept CSI unit couldn’t find more DNA samples than an hourly rate hotel’s sheets. But, hope springs eternal.

At the precinct, Renard shows up to find 2 cops from the North Precinct dead in the hallway (killed by Wu in his semi-Wesen form). Franco, a uniformed cop, tells him how the whole precinct was drained of cops by bogus 911 call just Nick was being transported. Renard says that Nick must have killed these cops as he was escaping and he obviously had help. That’s all the excuse he needs to issue an APB with a shoot-to-kill on Nick. Welp.

Adalind calls Nick (who conveniently given back to him by Hank and Wu who are on their way back to the precinct after dumping all the bodies in the loft into the tunnels). She needs to see him. Needs? For real? She convinces him to come over to see her and Kelly. I mean, family os important, but I think an important family value is not going into the den of your enemies and kissing up on a hellspawn’s mom while she’s in the next room clutching her creepy-ass death dolls. Whatever, I guess I’m old-fashioned.

At the spice shop, Eve, Trubel, and Monrosalee are moving the 3 dead men there when one of them grabs Eve. Yes, a dead man grabbed her. And wouldn’t let go. Luckily they’re at the spice shop so Rosalee looks it up – yes, the dead man is still grabbing Eve, not letting her go, and pulling her into some kind of trance where she’s floating between life and death. Turns out if you cut a dead Wesen’s arm off then the death grip he has on you will stop.

Fun fact: the death grip supposedly trades a pure soul for freedom from hell. So Eve is pure now? Hmmm, let’s just start calling her Juleve… Evilette… the woman formerly known as a hexenbeist. Everyone is suspicious of the stick that would be a soul detox.

When Wu sees the men he killed on the floor of the precinct and has a moment; Hank tells him to chill and reminded him how he looked when he did the deed. Franco fills them in on the captain’s orders. Renard is in his office cleaning everything out (he is the newly elected mayor) when he gets a call from Black Claw and has to break the news yet again that Bonaparte is dead… killed by the Grimm. When he puts the phone down, there’s blood on his hands. I do love a good overt guilt metaphor. Equipped with search warrants, he sends out the troops.

Nick shows up at Adalind’s place and the two reunite like a couple in love. She confesses that she’s the one who told Bonaparte where to find him. Nick looks at her still-bruised neck and is understanding. He sees the cursed engagement ring Bonaparte forced onto her hand; she’s afraid to take it off because the spell against her children might still be active. He gets a call from Hank with an update on the shoot-to-kill, holds Kelly for a hot minute, gets in some more tongue time with his lady and is out the door again.

Eve and Trubel go back to the loft (not sure why.) Eve is nothing but questions about the stick. Trubel shows her the cloth the stick was wrapped in. Eve can see the writing on it that Trubel can’t. She recognizes the marks from the death grip vision. Hank calls with a warning about the incoming cops just as they hear sirens approaching.

At Monrosalee’s place, they are laying down in bed when the call and the cops come knocking.

Franco is in Renard’s office letting him know that they ain’t found shit. Renard is still having bloody guiltvision. The next step is to search the area where Nick’s car was found, but Nick isn’t there. He’s at Buddy’s refrigerator repair shop.

Eventually, the whole gang shows up; again I’m not sure why. Hank and Wu essentially decide to… go back to what they were doing before Nick called a meeting. Everyone does think Nick should leave town or die. Eve asks Nick about the symbols she saw on the magic stick cloth. Eve suggests that maybe carrying a magical resurrection and protection stick that no one understands fully on his body at all times might be inadvisable.

At the precinct, Renard’s henchmen trace Nick to Buddy’s using his cellphone. Hank, who besides being a Grimm-adjacent fighter, is also a homicide detective gets a call about a dead body (Rachel Wood) and has to leave fugitive assistance to do his day job for a while.

As the gang tries to figure out a diversion, Hank gets word that Renard’s fingerprints were all over Rachel Woods’s (the dead woman) place.

When Hank gets back from Rachel’s house he learns there’s a BOLO on the entire gang’s cars including Buddy which explains why Franco is outside Buddy’s shop. So Nick, Monrosalee, Eve, Trubel, and Buddy are all trapped in the shop and surrounded by Renard and his murderous vendetta. Eve tries to do her patented hexenbiest help, but can’t and collapses instead.

So many questions: When is Eve going to accept that she’s Juliette again? Are we about to get a lesson in polyamory from Eveilette, Nick, and Adalind? Is it possible for me to combine all their names into one? Why is Diana so awful?

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