Grimm Recap: Good to the Bone

Season 5 / Episode 18 / NBC

[quote_simple]The Evil that men do lives after them; the good is often interred with their bones.[/quote_simple]

We start this week’s episode with a bad decision: drunk driving. I don’t think anyone in the audience was surprised when Drunk Driver crashed into a tree.

He’s thrown from his truck. When he wakes up, he wanders towards an underpass. There, two men are warming themselves over a trashcan fire. Bleeding Drunk Driver asks them for help, but they aren’t trying to hear that.

Unfortunately for the bad decision-maker, somewhere a man in a van smells him – yes, we got a closeup of his nose – wandering around. After DD collapses, Super-Nose from the van shows up. He drags him out into the open and then apologizes. Oh. This doesn’t sound good. Then he runs over DD with his van. Twice.

But that was just the food prep, I guess, because then he woges into a bird-like wesen and sends a tongue/probe/straw into the man throat and – well let’s just say that those slurping sounds are the stuff of nightmares.  

At the fome, Nick walks in to see Adalind working at the table. It’s all briefings and finding spread out in front of her while Kelly sleeps in his bassinet. Nick makes a joke about bringing Kelly to his job like Adalind has been bringing him to hers. Adalind wastes no time turning that daddy/son time into a segue to talk about daddy/Adalind time. And when Nick hesitates a bit she moves in for the kiss and afterward says “this is not stopping here” as she leads him to the bedroom. So it’s once again all about finding those briefs.  

Elsewhere in Portland, another Wesen lady is being sexually aggressive. Hank is in what looks like a Wine-and-Cheese convenience store when he runs into Zuri, a Wesen physical therapists he previously dated, but who ended things with him when she found out he was a Kehrseite. Hank is standoffish at first and pulls the “Well, this awkward small talk was nice, but I’ll see you later.” But she is pretty insistent that she thought a lot about what between them and wants to have dinner with him. Hank, cold as ever, is like “Oh. I’ll call you.” But she calls him on that obvious bullshit and they end up setting a date for the next night.

Excuse me while my cynicism takes the wheel for a second. Hank, oh sweet lonely hasn’t-had-a-love-interest-in-so-long Hank. No, baby, no. Your captain, who you trust and who you’ve trust your life to in several situations, has been recruited by Black Claw as far as you know. Adalind, your best friend’s lover/co-parent, is a secret hexenbiest. Black Claw is deep in these streets. Should you really be accepting dinner invites from much-too-suddenly-interested-in-you Wesen? Really?

Across town, The horrible food prep wesen from the van arrives at an RV. When he enters, he’s behind to elderly people playing cards. They’re unaware that he’s behind them. He woges.  The camera cuts away, but we hear that awful sound again.

The next morning Wu wakes up like normal. Just regular ole groggy. Some tooth brushing. And then he hacks up a… fur… an ear… iunno, but it’s looks like it was one alive or attached to something alive. And instead of telling the Grimm and Kehrseite  he decides to keep this a secret. Not quite drunk driving, but still a bad decision.

At the station, Hank tells Nick about his run-in with Zuri. Nick asks about her previous anti-Kehrseite stance. Hank tells him that she invited him over to her place for dinner so clearly she’s over it. I’m just happy that he told Nick where he was going and with whom.


At the Spice Shop, Rosalee is confronted by Eve who asks about Adalind and her powers. How long has she had her powers? Does she know Rosalee knows she has them? Does Nick know? Who told Nick? Has Nick told Adalind that he knows?

Then Eve hits her with the cold hard truth: Adalind didn’t sense Rosalee and Monroe in the tunnel the other day, but she’s getting stronger everyday and she won’t miss things like that for long.

Then Rosalee highlights what might be Eve’s returning humanity when she asks about the threat Eve made: If you you hurt Nick, I’ll come for you. Might we be getting the old Juliette back in season 6 (or 7)? Honestly, I hope not. Eve’s powers are fun and useful. Juliette as a character didn’t have the depth Eve has; she relied on Nick for all of her relevance. Eve, on the other hand, is autonomous and reliant on no one really. That said, would a Juliette with Eve’s power and independence or an Eve with Juliette’s capacity for emotion be a great addition to the team? Yes.   

Nick and Hank get the call to go to a murder scene. Yep, it’s Drunk Driver. Except when they arrive, he looks like a love child of a deflated balloon and a used Halloween costume. So, now, that horrible slurping sound make so much more sense. Wu is left to ID the body.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank find out that this is the only “flat body” on the books. There have been a number of them in different parts of the region. Wu gives them an ID on the body, tells them that the crashed car was found, and then leaves to work at his desk on some paperwork.

But. Well, his hand starts to woge. And it looks suspiciously like a Blutbau’s or a Lycanthrope’s hand. He freaks out (of course!), stands up and starts having those mysterious bathroom-wood flashbacks, and blackouts for a hot second.

Since he’s in the station, six feet from Nick and Hank, they rush over to him. He makes a characteristically sarcastic remark and keeps it moving. Seriously though, can we talk about how communication is the key to any successful relationship? If you can’t tell the Grimm and Kehrseite that you go on secret missions with, then you really need to reevaluate all of your relationships.

When Nick and Hank arrive at the crashed car, they are led to Pinky, one of the men who didn’t help the Drunk Driver last night. A  regular guest of the Portland PD, evidently, who Hank knows from past run-ins. He led them down to the underpass, the last place Pinky saw the man alive. That’s where they find the victim’s cell and wallet.

The ME is 100% “I have never seen anything like this before.” She suggests that the only thing that could do this is a digestive enzyme found in bats. Um, okay. And since that, and alcohol, were the only things found in his system, this is definitely a Grimm case.

Back under the underpass, Pinky and some other dudes are arguing about money. Pinky loses that argument and by that I mean he gets shot. Unfortunately for him, the van-dwelling, slurping Wesen is in his van. He smells him and… you know the rest. What seems important him is that the Wesen apologizes and he seems sincere; he doesn’t want to be doing this. But he does.

This time, we see him go to the RV; the same two elderly people are there. But instead of being terrified, they are relieved to see him. Turns out he’s killing and liquefying folks into Wesen-style Ensure to feed his elderly parents. It’s the reverse-baby bird.

Later that same night, Hank arrives at Zuri’s house for their date. And all I can say is Run, Hank, run! She starts in with too many questions to believe she’s just in this for Hank’s baritone voice, velvet skin, and broad shoulders. Oh, I’m digressing. You still work with the Grimm? Does he know you’re here? How long have you been working with him? Wait what. Red flag, Hank.

Across town, in other awkward dating situations, Adalind and Nick are in bed. She wakes him up to tell him about Renard’s cryptic phone call and Diana. She actually uses the words, “I’m sorry. I should have told you sooner” but then doesn’t tell him about the whole hexenbiest elephant in the bed. Why are you living your life wrong, Adalind?


What are you waiting for, Adalind? Do it. Do. It. Now.

Nick, for some reason, tells her that he knows that Renard is working with Black Claw. Um. Okay. He also tells her to let him know if Renard contacts her again.

The next morning, Nick asks Hank about his date (in the most stereotypical boys’ locker room way). Then, He fills him in on what Adalind told him about Renard. There are a lot of secrets in the air. Wu interrupts the morning debrief with a call about another flat body, Pinky.

By now, they’ve figured out that the hunting is happening at the park (near the overpass) even though the bodies are found elsewhere. They know it’s the work of a Wesen. Sounds like it’s time for a visit to the Spice Shop. In new Grimm books, they identify the type of Wesen that’s been deflating folks. They are essentially vultures; they prey on the newly or nearly dead.

The next step is to capture the Wesen. Rosalee agrees to whip up some perfume of death which smells as good as it sounds. Monroe is volunteered to wear the perfume and play (nearly) dead in the park. The plan is to lure him to Monroe’s body and arrest him.


At the fome, Adalind gets a call from Renard asking for a meeting. She agrees and gets Rosalee to watch Kelly. I can smell Rosalee ovulating through the screen. She asks about Adalind and Nick; Adalind answers pretty simply: I haven’t told him yet because I’m afraid.

At HW, Eve is on a computer… hacking or posting to IG or something when she gets an alert that “Asset 3” has gone missing and 2 HW operatives were killed. Asset 3? Oh, you mean Diana Schade Renard? That asset 3. The one that showed up in Renard’s apartment last episode.

Kind of makes you wonder who Asset 1 and Asset 2 are, huh?


Later, Nick, Monroe, Hank, and Wu show up to get the perfume from Rosalee. In the park, they are in mid-plan: Monroe is on the ground, doused in death perfume, and the others are lying in wait. The Wesen smells Monroe and comes running, but then… Wu woges.  He runs through the park and bumps his head. “Bumps his head” is an understatement. He’s bleeding from his skull and the death-smelling Wesen smells him and bypasses Monroe.

He’s about to Ensure-ize Wu while mumbling about how much he hates his parents. This dude really, really doesn’t want to be doing this; he apologizes to Wu’s unconscious body right before he gets in his pulverizing van.

Nick and Hank find him right as he’s about to put it in drive. He jumps out of the van and runs and runs and runs. They follow with guns drawn. Finally, he turns and woges. Nick is like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know.”

So he turns and continues running… into traffic. He’s promptly hit by a truck and killed. His last words are about his parents: he’s sorry and they are just so hungry.

Nick and Hank find the Wesen’s parents, bring them in to identify the body, and then leave them to pay their respects; from outside they hear slurping sounds. I. Cannnot.

Adalind shows up for her meeting with Renard and is promptly drugged via a shot in the neck. When she wakes up, there’s Diana, eyes all aglow.

So many questions: Is Juliette inching up to the surface? Is Adalind finally going to tell Nick she’s been lowkey hexenbiesting? Will Rosalee and Monroe adopt Kelly when Adalind goes back to the dark side? Why doesn’t Adalind just bite Nick’s lip again if she’s really real about not wanting to be a hexenbiest again?

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