Grimm Recap: Star-Crossed

Season 5 / Episode 7 / NBC

What I’m liking lately about Grimm is that the writers have gotten better at blending the monster-of-the-week plots and the season-long Grimm-Wesen-Royals plots. It doesn’t feel like they’re doing one or the other because, lately, each episode has, for the most part, been both.

This week’s episode is no exception. We start with Nick and Adalind in the home-sweet-bunker they share with their kid. Nick is about to, once again, attempt to open the huge, mysterious door in the tunnels beneath the house that Nick says haven’t been opened since the Prohibition. Hmmm. This keeps coming up, so we know the payoff should be huge – either something big is behind that door or someone will need it to escape/hide from something scary.

Meanwhile at HW headquarters, Trubel links the same man to several Wesen-related revenge killings across the globe. Trouble is, they have no idea who he is; they just have a face, but no name. Trubel tells Meisner and then heads over to Nick’s place to force the “Are you joining us?” issue. What about though is the “we” and the “us” she’s talking about are HW, Meisner, and Eve – not your friendly neighborhood Grimm, cops, and spice shop owners.

Elsewhere in a barn, a guy gets killed. It looks ugly in the uglier than your average murder way. There’s a huge cross on the ground and things go down hill from there. The next morning, two surveyors find the body. It’s been hoisted onto a cross and there are shards of mirror shoved where the eyes should be. Ummmm, okay.

Nick heads over to the spice shop just seconds after Rosalee gets a call from the mysterious unwanted pen pal from her past life, Tony. Her and Monroe don’t bring it up and instead the three talk about whether or not they will or should work with HW.

Nick has to leave (as usual) to go to the weird cross murder scene. Turns out that the wood has an ancient symbol for water carved into one of the beams. The victim was a homeless man; unfortunately the first of several who are killed this episode. Because of the way our society treats homeless residents, they are often the victims of choice for burgeoning killers. Grimm is not shying away from that truth.

While researching the case, Nick has the same “We gone join HW?” talk with Wu and Hank that he had with Rosalee and Monroe. Everybody is leery, especially with the presence of Eve and the pressure to commit. (What does that even mean? Is there a vow they need to take to join a vigilante group/secret government agency?)

Amid all this, the director throws out a thirst trap scene: Renard in bed with the woman who directed his endorsement video for mayoral candidate, Dixon. She says, “I’d vote for you.” Hmmm. Maybe that’s political pillow talk. Or maybe we’re being set up for something else.

While he’s Wesen-deep in the director, another body is found. Same scene of cross and mirrors. New and different symbol, but same meaning.

Cut to Meisner, Trubel, and Eve… somewhere… fighting Black Claw. Eve captures a live one, evidently Meisner and Trubel couldn’t take anyone alive. Things aren’t looking good for this guy.

As usual, Nick and Hank end up at the spice shop with these two water symbols in their hands like, “help?” Turns out that the murders are a part of a 7-part rain dance/ human sacrifice ritual. With 2 dead bodies in a 7-body ritual, Nick and Hank are feeling the pressure.

They figure out that they should trace the wood used to do the crucifying. They end up at a lumber yard where a very helpful large bearded man directs them to a Mark Holloway who ordered wood that meets the description. They show up looking for the wood; Holloway says the wood was stolen which is either really convenient or really Andy Dufresne inconvenient. When they attempt to arrest him, he woges, thinks Nick is going to kill him, and charges. He’s a Fuilcré, a large bovine Wesen. The exact type of Wesen that historically has performed the ritual.

While in custody, Holloway tells Nick and Hank that a man came by a few weeks back with a flier for a meeting. The flier had the Black Claw symbol on it. Things are coming together now.

In the next scene, we see a Fuilcré performing the ritual: the ritual and the goring and the chalice filled with blood. If Holloway is still in custody, it can’t be him.

At exactly that time, Nick is at home talking shop with Adalind. Because of her Hexenbeist homeschooling, she knows all about rituals and sacrifices. She helps Nick link the ritual to the Big Dipper. But mostly, they are actively resisting having sex while talking about ritualistic murder.

At HW headquarters, otherwise known as the nightmare factory, Meisner is questioning the Black Claw foot soldier that captured. Dude decides to not cooperate, so he gets the Eve treatment. She says “You don’t wanna talk? I got something for that ass.” Then she covers his mouth and it disappears! Oh god. Then she disappears his eyes. Then his ears. Then they just let that sad motherfucker marinade in that suddenly silent, dark nightmare. I feel some snitching coming real soon. After letting the see/hear/speak no evil monkey alone with his thoughts, the HW crew questions him and he reveals that the mystery man (he doesn’t know his name) Trubel identified was in town to deliver a message to Lucien.

No, not that Lucien.

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The next morning, Nick, Hank, and Wu are at the latest body. They decide that if they have three bodies they can use the constellation to anticipate where the next one will be. They check the spots where they think there might be bodies and voila. Casually over a map of Oregon and homicide shop talk, Nick suggests that Monroe go to the Wesen/Black Claw meeting on Holloway’s flier. Monroe, the team player that he is, agrees. Nope. Not me.

Holloway is out of his holding cell and rushes home to find his son gone and a Black Claw hate rally flier crumpled up the floor. Obviously, he starts wondering where he went wrong and goes to find his wayward kid. Cue the hate-mongering white Wesen power rally. A preacher named Donald Jones is riling up the locals. Holloway’s kid is there. So is Monroe. And so is the helpful lumberyard guy that sent Nick to Holloway’s house in the first place.

Holloway snatches up his kid and pulls him outside. BUT two hateful ass Wesen follow them out. Now the most punk shit I’ve seen on Grimm is when Holloway’s kid lets these two other dudes beat on his dad. Like damn. Monroe is outside like “Hey we’re all hateful people here. Let’s not pick on each other. Let’s focus our hate outward.”

At the precinct, Nick and Hank are hearing back from other districts that bodies were exactly where they thought they’d be. They race to the spot where the last body should be. The victim is still alive, but the Fuilcré is in pre-gore mode. So Nick and Hank have to shoot him. His blood spills on the ground and he whispers the magic words.

As Nick and Hank pull away, it rains. So… it worked?

What is behind door number 1 at Nick and Adalind’s place? What’s up with Renard, the mayoral candidate, and the commercial director? Who is Tony and why do I have a feeling he’s not great?

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