W- Brian Michael Bendis
A- Ed McGuiness

The interrogation of Peter Quill continues as he explains what happened in the cancer-verse. We see that (Nova) Richard Rider, Drax and Quill are in a handicap match against Thanos. Quill is holding the cube and is able to get the upper hand on Thanos. The glorious end all ill shot they have all been waiting for, this is it readers. Thanos is no fucking more. Thanos is straight up game the fuck over. That is all she wrote.


Eeeeeeeeeeeeecept in this cancer universe death works differently. They apparently have infinte respawns… sooo Thanos is now BACK folks. This makes Quill realize he is in a fate worse than hell because stuck with Thanos and not being able to die is just that. Then that world’s asshole evil avengers show up and want the power of the cube. At this point Gamora can’t take the bs anymore. She decides to leave Quill but he orders her to stay. She wanted this can of worms and now she had damn well better stay and bait the fucking hook (i dunno why that went into a fishing reference). Bendis does a great job of all the terrible things this universe holds that are running thorugh Quills mind. McGuiness displays a great splash of all out war breaking out in the fight, everything is detailed up close and from afar.

The last page is a big indication to how the tale ends for Richard Rider but still tells us nothing of how it all ends for Drax and Quill. The worst is evidently about to happen as brought to you by Bendis. We got one more month to wait to see how it all plays out and how the mystery of Quill’s survival gets answered.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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