Magneto #10 (March to Axis) Review

writer: Cullen Bunn / artist: Javier Fernandez

I didn’t love the idea of Magneto being included in the March to Axis precursors as it effected issue #9, but this month is a much better effort while still holding true to the Axis storyline. The storytelling mechanic used while Magneto is tortured by Red Skull’s henchmen is used extremely well as he is still haunted by enemies of the past. Both Bunn and Fernandez do a great job of showing Magneto at very different stages of his life with varying degrees of power and influence and still failing on some level. It was a startling realization that a character, who has been known a villain for the majority of panel time but still revered by fans, has had so many failures under noble circumstances. Bunn has given us a consistent view into Magneto’s psyche since the beginning of this run, but this is something different. It is unique, and often brutal, just like Magneto himself.

Fernandez handles the art well in this issue too as he shows the differentiation between the time frames and the anguish of Magneto through every failure.

This storyline picked up some steam from the previous installment and gave us a viewpoint of Magneto that is seldom seen while setting up a crossover with Uncanny Avengers. I haven’t been completely stoked about the Axis crossover that is incoming, but at least the Magneto storyline is on track to be an enjoyable part of it.


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