Guardians of The Galaxy #27 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist:Valerio Schiti / Marvel

This issue was straight up signings for a membership at (insert gym of your preference). We saw what happened as Quill’s squad was attacked last issue, Bendis does a great display of Quill being in the moment and directing his team to strategic points during the mayhem. We see how well this group of different individuals move in unison but the star of the show is Gamora as she has become something different all together.


Schiti displays what happens when the most dangerous woman in the galaxy gets an upgrade in powers that has her with enough skill to take out armies and planets. Schiti gives us straight up 300 level action this issue as well as displaying the humanity Gamora is trying to cling onto. Bendis continues to take this team into a different direction and what he is having Gamora undergo displays that even with more power not all lose their compassion. We’re seeing Quill grow up and Gamora accept even more responsibility.

Benidis is making this book one that needs to be picked up. Guardians is a team book that is on par with the Avengers (all of them). This is a series you need to have on your shelves.


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